Sunday, March 25, 2018

Plaza Licenciado Benito Juarez Park
19825 SW 376th St
Homestead, FL 33034

The 4G is still the southernmost un-southern gravel grinder in the USA for the 5th year in a row! Whatever route you choose you will be challenged as you ride through rural dirt roads, levee roads and water management access roads. If you are lucky you may get a few swampy water crossings here and there! Sound like fun? Get yourself and your bikes ready because March is right around the corner. Come out and challenge your friends or just yourself to some of the most varied terrain you will experience here in South Florida or anywhere else in the states for that matter! There will be fully stocked rest stops along all routes, except for the 10 mile guided route, to get you through to the finish. When you finish, be sure to hang out to watch others as they ride in to the finish and have a beer or two. There will be a raffle also, so be sure to stay…….you may walk away with some of the best prizes ever as supplied by our more than generous sponsors!! Sign up on day of event is $35.00.

Trail Info
This year, for the 4G’s 5th year, we are still offering our 32mile and 62mile courses, plus we are adding a 10mile fun, guided route for novices.

These routes will cover rural dirt roads, farm field roads, levee and water management access roads. These roads will offer a seemingly endless variation of terrains that will surely challenge all riders at any level.

Mother Nature may or may not cooperate with event days on any event. You should be prepared for any type weather thrown your way on event day.

Remember, you are responsible for yourself at this event.

As usual, you should think of this as a self-supported ride for the most part. You should carry all of your own repair needs with you on these routes. There are areas on these courses where if you get a flat or other mechanicals that you are not prepared for will be a long walk out before you get to places where our sag vehicle can rescue you.

This goes for water and nutrition also. There are two rest stops on the 32mile course, the first one is 18 miles in and the last a minimal rest stop about 8 miles from the finish. For the 62 mile rest stops there are three. The first will be 23 miles in with the second coming in 15 miles later with the final minimal rest stop 8 miles from the end.

All rest stops will have wristbands for you. YOU MUST STOP AT EACH REST STOP FOR A WRISTBAND. If you are finishing in the top ten riders and you show up missing any this WILL disqualify you.

Here's some footage from the 2017 4G!

Produced by Damian Serrania