Some of you may have noticed the newly resurfaced alleyways that look like bike lanes around Wynwood, Buena Vista, and Model City. The alley improvements project in District 5 is intended to create useful open space and neighborhood connections throughout the area. The city resurfaced the pavement, added lighting, and painted sharrows in the existing alleys.

We recently rode through some of these alleys so that you don't have to.  If your idea of a nice ride includes: barking dogs, broken glass, litter, blind intersections, illegally parked vehicles, and speed bumps... then by all means go check these out. It would probably be wise to stay out of these after dark too.

These alleys are probably useful if you live in the area and want to take your dog(s) for a walk, unfortunately that's about all they have to offer. Kudos to the city for at least attempting to make the alleys a bit more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, but we think it's easier and safer to ride bike on the streets instead of the alleys.