Saturday, June 2, 2018

Picayune Strand State Forest
2121 52nd Avenue Southeast
Naples, FL 34117

The 7th annual Tour de Picayune is great way to see and learn about Florida's newest Forest: The Picayune Strand State Forest. Southwest Florida's natural and restoration marvel.

Up to 50 miles of mostly hardpacked sandy trails, open prairies, gravelly woods roads and more to ride now, near the end of the dry season. The race is a checkpoint to checkpoint cycling tour with prizes and adventure and of course the support and admiration of us all- for anybody who gets to all 10 checkpoints and home; At least for that day anyway.

The 2018 champion will be awarded the Durrwalker Cup award and the grand prize. All other finishers will be timed and placed and recognized plus a bonus prize patch indicating the accomplishment.

We will provide 2 aid stations with water and fruit and 1 station with cold drinks and hot dogs at the end.

Please visit - - for more details and information.