Sunday, October 14, 2018

Black Point Park & Marina
24775 SW 87th Avenue
Homestead, FL 33032

Gravelers Bicycle Group in collaboration with "Pedal for HOPE", will host the GRally 2018 - Gravel-Rally-Ride Event in Southwest Miami Dade County, starting from Black Point Park & Marina. All proceeds will go to "Pedal for HOPE", a non-profit organization whose main focus is to provide school supplies to children in need.

$25 minimum donation

Route Distance:
44 miles - Advanced and Experienced riders.
22 miles - Intermediate and Advanced-Novice riders.
* Routes will split at first rest stop

Prizes! Raffles! Giveaways!

Minimum registration donation is $25 and all proceeds will go to "Pedal for HOPE", a non-profit organization whose main focus is to provide school supplies to children in need.

Make it a friends and family day: Groups, teams, friends and families are encouraged to enjoy Black Point Park green areas during and after the event. Bring your favorite picnic setup and enjoy this beautiful park right in front of their marina.

Please note, Grally is not a race, it is designed to be fun and challenging ride, with the benefit of bringing light to our awesome bicycle gravel paths currently available to everyone in the area, no matter your riding level, Male and/or Female.

The morning of the event, their will be a check-in and registration area plus we will have a tent with bike mechanic and a breakfast tent with water, ice, fruits and a few treats. Throughout the ride OASIS style rest stops will be fully stocked with water, ice, fruits and a few treats.

Helmet is Required, Ride safe! Ride smart!

Route Surface Description:
A mixture of gravel, grass, coral, freshly laid gravel, double track fire roads and levee road.

*MTBs and fat tire bikes are recommended, cyclocross and some fat tires hybrids are welcome. Inspect your bike prior to GRally. The terrain is rough and not suitable for road bikes.

Be Prepared:
Be self sufficient, Grally route will take participants away from main roads and into gravel paths and some remote areas with limited access to road vehicles. Bring tools, tubes and air. Be ready and prepared to fix your bike or flat tire in case of an unexpected mechanical. Here are some basic SAFETY GUIDELINES to help you stay safe.

Basic Items
• Pick the right bike for the ride. (Gravel/Dirt specifics, mountain bike or fat tire bicycle).
• Road ID
• Health Insurance Card, ID, Credit Card, Cash and Phone on a waterproof protected case.
• Helmet
• Gloves
• Eye ware
• Extra Tube and air.
• Basic tools
• Gels, bar, snack
• Hydration (at least one 22oz bottle per hour) or (hydration backpack). NOTE: Any small backpack can help you carry extra hydration and basic tools/safety items.
• Small/Basic First-Aid Pack

Safety Guidelines
• Always wear a helmet.
• Check weather forecast. (Events usually post cancellations due to bad weather one hour before event starts).
• Road ID App. Great features like "Lock Screen" and "Tracking Notifications" (FREE and it works awesome,
• Have your bicycle inspected for your own safety and the safety of others riding with you.
• Say "NO to Flats" by checking the condition "wear&tear" of your tires and making sure they are properly inflated. No joke, don't be that guy, HA!
• Sunblock and Bug repellent (Trust me on this one).
• Look ahead for slippery or loose surface and potential hazards.
• Pick your distance base on your ability.
• Safety first, should not ride alone!
• Always use common sense.
• Must be self sufficient.
• Have a plan and let others know where you are headed and approximate time.
• We all know wearing earbuds while ridding a bicycle on public roadways is against the law. In the trails, being aware of yours surroundings is important for safety reasons. Don't wear earbuds, this is good group ride etiquette, courtesy and for your safety and the safety to others.
• CALL 911 in case of an emergency

For more details and information visit event page.