Update January 2021 The Project is now complete!
19 miles of paved multi-use trails!

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) recently completed a roadway construction project on State Road (SR) 977/Krome Avenue from SW 136 Street to SW 8 Street/Tamiami Trail in Miami-Dade County. The project began in 2015 and includes the Krome Path, a paved multi-use trail for walking and biking.

Update January 2021 
SW 232 St to SW 296 St is now complete (4 miles one-way)

Update January 2020 
SW 8 St to SW 232 St is now complete (15 miles one-way)

The Krome Path is a 10-foot shared-use path on the east side of the roadway for bicyclists and pedestrians. It's currently 8.5 miles in length (between SW 136th St and SW 8th Street) and will connect to exiting/future trail networks. The phase between SW 136 Street and SW 88 Street/Kendall Drive was completed in March 2018, and the northern end towards Tamiami Trail was recently completed.

The full scope of the project entailed reconstructing the existing two-lane undivided roadway into a four-lane divided roadway, with 12-foot-wide lanes. The improvements also include building three new bridges, full inside and outside shoulders, a 40-foot median with guardrails and a 10-foot shared-use bicycle and pedestrian path; and installing a self-contained drainage system and new lighting; and upgrading traffic signals and road signs. The improvements aim to reduce the number of fatalities along the avenue.

The next phase of the project will cover the area between SW 136 Street and SW 296 Street, the path will be constructed on the west side of the roadway. Additional projects are currently in the planning and design phases. All projects have the goal of enhancing mobility and creating a safe corridor for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians.

  • Multi-use trail length: There will be a dedicated multi-use trail along Krome Avenue from SW 296 Street to SW 8 Street/Tamiami Trail. In addition to the multi-use trail, bicycle lanes will be constructed along Krome Avenue from SW 296 Street to Okeechobee Road. 
    • Krome Avenue between SW 292 Street and SW 232 Street: In design phase; construction anticipated to start fall 2019
    • Krome Avenue between SW 232 Street and SW 136 Street: Construction anticipated to start early 2019
    • Krome Avenue between SW 136 Street and Kendall Avenue: Construction complete; facility open
    • Krome Avenue between Kendall Drive and SW 8 Street/Tamiami Trail: Construction anticipated to be completed in October 2018; facility will open once construction completed
    • Krome Avenue between SW 8 Street/Tamiami Trail and Okeechobee Road: Construction complete; bike lanes open
  • Multi-use trail construction cost: The approximate cost of the trail per mile is $100,540.00. Please note this is an estimate.
  • Connections to other trails: The Krome Avenue Trail is part of the Florida Greenways and Trails network and has been identified as a priority trail by the Office of Greenways and Trails. The Krome Avenue Trail connects to the Biscayne Everglades Greenway, The Snake Creek Trail, the East Coast Greenway via the South Dade Trail and to the proposed Miccosukee Link on SW 8 Street. The Krome Avenue Trail is also an important part of the Miami Loop.
  • Purpose of the trail: The Krome Avenue Trail will provide an important north-south connection for bicycles and pedestrians in Miami Dade County through a combination of a separated path and on-road bicycle lanes. It will add more than 25 miles of new trail infrastructure to the network.
  • Goal of the trail:  To enhance opportunities for active transportation and provide a safe, dedicated facility for cycling and walking.