We have some sad news from our good friends at Bike Nerds. They are closing their bike shop in Miami Shores and are having a big sale with some great deals as everything must go. Check out their cool bike shop one last time or go for your first time this month! We'd like to thank them for always being a great supporter of The Miami Bike Scene. We would also like to wish Diego and Thomas the best on any future endeavors.

Six years after opening our doors in 2013, it saddens us to announce that Bike Nerds has to close its doors.

The unfortunate truth is that the changing landscape of Retail -VS- Online Shopping has become too tumultuous for us to continue the battle. The reality is that online retailers offer prices that brick-and-mortar shops cannot compete with. When you add to that the increasing affordability of shipping rates, the rising wholesale cost for bikes and parts due to the tariffs, and the high cost of doing business in Miami; our neighborhood bicycle shop cannot compete. Both Thomas and I want a future that the bicycle industry is showing us can no longer provide.

There is good news! This gives you the opportunity to buy any and everything in the store at a huge mark down! We still have frames, components (lots of fixed gear parts), complete bikes, displays, slat wall, bicycle hooks, everything in the store is for sale and discounted!!! We are stocked and need to liquidate the store by the end of March. Every single thing must sell and is discounted 15-50% off!!! Reasonable offers will not be refused!

Call us if you have any questions regarding the closing of the store or the sale: 786–332-3463 @ Bike Nerds