Saturday, May 18, 2019

Picayune Strand State Forest WMA
2121 52nd Avenue Southeast
Naples, FL 34117

The 8th annual Tour de Picayune is great way to see and learn about Florida's newest Forest: The Picayune Strand State Forest. Southwest Florida's natural and restoration marvel. It's a 50 Mile race and/or 18, 24, 36 mile tours

Picayune Strand State Forest- a marvel of Nature and Restoration.
Be a part of a wild place and learn about the woods while enjoying great and wholesome exercise in a world of raw nature and friendly competition, a Florida jungle and safari ride of fun. Wildlife is abundant even in these dry season days.

We provide 2 aid stations with fruit and water. Station #3 will have ice cold drinks, chips and hotdogs.

Bring a camera and have a small picnic along the course if a nice day of low key touring is your preference.

But be very, very ready and prepared if you expect to compete.

The best Cross Country Bike Riding anywhere in south Florida. This course can be extremely challenging but fun, safe and easy to ride.
Several bike types and tires can be used successfully. Of course that all depends on lungs and legs and how you feel that day. The ground varies throughout and it is an odyssey of pathways and right of ways.

The 50 miles is a very tough course physically should not be attempted by the unprepared. If you are a first timer out here, expect to take it easy and follow the map and be flexible.

There are several easy go home bailouts along the course.

8th Annual Event
The Durrwalker Cup has had a host of great champions listed on it's base.

Originally this cup was a prize awarded to the local winner of a Swiss town's 1914 bicycle mountain race championship.

Can you imagine what their thoughts would be of our southwest Florida tour? Other prizes awarded to winner and finishers of varied distances. 8-12 miles, 24-30 miles and 45-50 miles. Depending on your selected course.

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