Saturday, November 9, 2019

Markham Park
Florida 84
Sunrise, FL 33323

Level Up Cycling Movement is hosting a Ride to Introduce Health Benefits of Cycling to Minority Communities with the help of local medical doctors and Cycling Professionals!

Turn on a news program and undeniably you will hear a story about mental and physical health challenges afflicting our society, many of which result from reduced in person interactions in our ever-growing social media society and the lack of physical activity.

Level Up Cycling Movement, Inc., a non-profit organization, is committed to introducing and cultivating the mental and physical health benefits of cycling to minority communities with our Second Annual Pedal with Pros featuring Justin Williams, U.S. National Champion, Legion of L.A., Teniel Campbell, International Women’s Pro Cyclist, and Akil Campbell, Trinidad Multi National Road and Track Champion.

But we cannot continue doing the great work we committed to, and must, do without help from you, our donors and participants.