Here's a video of the City of Miami Police Department - Bicycle Response Team (BRT) riding around before Super Bowl LIV weekend in Miami.

About the BRT:
"The Bicycle Response Team (BRT) are bicycle certified officers that go through a 40 Hour specialized training in Crowd Control and Crowd Management Operations. The Bicycle Response Team is comprised of bicycle certified officers with superior riding skills that undergo extraneous training to include riding and deploying in formations, team riding in crowds, arrest/rescue techniques, gas mask operations, slow speed skills, mounts and dismounts.

The Bicycle Response Team is deployed for hostile and non hostile events such as festivals, sporting events, parades, demonstrations, etc. Crowd Management refers to the proactive steps that can be taken to prevent potential problems while Crowd Control refers to what happens after a crowd has gone violent and police are needed to prevent further harm or damage.

The mobility of the bicycle and the accessibility of the bicycle officer offers tools to the bicycle commander by giving them the ability to manage crowds effectively. The mobility of the officer in a Bicycle Response Team gets resources wherever they are needed in a timely manner while utilizing the mechanical advantage of the bicycle in order to remain ahead of the crowd."