Miami Beach added “quick-build” buffered bicycle lanes along Washington Ave between 16th Street and 5th Street. 

Quick-build street projects are semi-permanent improvements that can be designed and constructed quickly. The process uses techniques that realign and reassign space on streets using paint and simple physical objects that can be cheaply purchased and quickly installed. 

*Additional signage was added after this video was recorded.  Many motorists were parking illegally on the bike lane. We'll go back after it's complete to get a better assessment.

"Following close coordination and planning with the the Washington Avenue Business Improvement District (BID), the city has partially closed Washington Avenue to vehicular traffic to create a pedestrian and bicycle boulevard that meets the needs of residents, businesses and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new traffic pattern on Washington Avenue between 5 - 16 streets configures the street to allow for vehicle travel on one lane, parking on another and creates a parking protected bicycle lane curbside. Please refer to the image for a visual. Also note that the speed limit throughout the corridor has been lowered to 25 MPH, and Miami-Dade County Transit bus stops will be relocated from Washington Avenue to Collins Avenue starting on Monday, August 3.

This new configuration allows for restaurants in the corridor to expand by using the existing sidewalks and parking lanes, and also aims to activate additional space for walkers, joggers, cyclists, skaters and other outdoor activities."