The parking lot of the Virginia Key MTB Trails is being considered as the optimal location for a "Homeless Transformation & Transition Zone".  Read about it here:
We encourage you to contact your City of Miami Commissioner today and let them know this is not a good location!

They will discuss this topic at the Miami City Commission this Thursday, July 28th, 9:00am.
Here is a link to the agenda. DI.2 12168

Opposition to “Transformation & Transition Zone” on the Virginia Key Parcel

We believe the optimal location is NW 71 St & NW 5th Pl where homeless residents will be closer to jobs, public transport, and services.

We are strongly opposed to ANY type of Temporary Shelter Option (Tiny Home, Dormitory Structure,
Modular Unit Structure, Folding Unit Structure) on Virginia Key.

CONS to “Transformation & Transition Zone” on the Virginia Key Parcel:

  • Adjacent To Water Sewage Treatment Plant, it can smell really foul there, particularly when there is a breeze from the west.
  • Far from other services (Camillus House, Judge Leifman).
  • It is a two-mile walk/drive to get to the proposed location via Arthur Lamb Jr Rd from the main gate entrance (Rickenbacker Causeway). Buses do not travel those last 2 miles. ( 8 miles total distance from Camillus House)
  • Mosquitoes, no-see-ums, raccoons, stray cats, and other vermin. But mostly MOSQUITOES and NO-SEE-UMS which are a nuisance and spread disease.
Also, this is not a “secluded location”, the proposed location is the parking lot to the heavily trafficked
Virginia Key North Point Trails, a bike/hike trail built and maintained by the volunteers of VKBC since 2011, it offers off-road cycling (MTB) and hiking/running to city residents and tourists. VKOC, a private business which offers outdoor activities is also located there, they host tours and rent kayaks, SUPs, and bicycles. It’s a very popular tourist destination for kayaking/stand-up paddle boarding too. On busy weekends the parking is limited.

Overall this is just not an ideal location!