Friday, August 18, 2023

Rapha Miami
Miami, FL 33137

Join Rapha Miami as they launch their newest collaboration of the ever popular Ahol Sniffs Glue jersey. Celebrating the love of cycling, and art. Discover this amazing collaboration with Miami’s own David Anasagasti. Come enjoy a special evening at the Rapha Miami Clubhouse. #Miamifulltime The first 25 guests at the store to purchase the jersey on launch day will receive an exclusive surprise from the artist. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Come enjoy a drink, great food, music, and prizes.

About The Artist

Cuban American street artist David Anasagasti, better known as Ahol Sniffs Glue, has joined forces once again with leading cycling clothing brand, Rapha, to lend his signature graffiti graphics to a special edition double jersey collection.

Taking his self-proclaimed “choppy, sharp, line work” and working closely with Rapha’s designers, the first jersey channels Miami’s energy (available exclusively from Rapha Miami), and is inspired by the pastel colour palette of the city’s famous art deco infrastructure. The second features a ‘nation-wide’ design that speaks to a wider celebration of cycling (available from all US Rapha Clubhouses).

Nowadays, followed devoutly within both the local street art and cycling scenes, Anasagasti devotes his time to making a difference, but his purpose wasn’t always so clear.

Growing up in Miami, with his parents divorcing early on, Anasagasti and his brother mostly raised themselves from a young age. Without a lot of resources around them, he soon found ways to entertain himself. Strongly grounded in the punk rock scene, he learnt early on the DIY-nature of things, how to find hope in anything and get yourself to where you need to be. He says, “graffiti is really a self-motivating type of thing.”

Geographies of Trash is one of Anasagasti’s most prominent and ongoing projects. During lockdown, he began biking around the city and painting pieces of trash and then uploading them to social media, encouraging people to pick them up and get their very own, one-of-a- kind Ahol piece. The city-wide phenomenon has his followers hanging on for the next notification and sees painted washing machines disappear off the streets in minutes.

“The currency I receive from these rides is that I get to feel good and I get to make people happy, and take trash off the streets. We’re keeping the art conversation going, and the environmental side where we’re taking trash off the streets. We’re democratising art collecting.”

In turn, this set the wheels in motion for personal developments too. In the process of this project, and his first collaboration with Rapha, he entered a new stage of his relationship with cycling which offered a wake up call to change the harmful habits he found himself in.

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