Thursday, June 6, 2024

Overtown Performing Arts Center (OPAC)
Miami, FL 33136

The City of Miami is calling all residents to join the discussion regarding the 33-acre public open space project under the reconstructed I-395 signature bridge. Formerly known as The Underdeck, it's now being tentatively called the Rev. Edward T. Graham Greenway. The meeting will focus on a concept plan community discussion, covering topics such as the project overview, design review, and gathering community input.

No disrespect to the late Rev. Edward T. Graham, but of all the submitted names, Overtown Miami Greenway (OMG) was in our opinion the better and more marketable name for this project. Build the first black male commissioner a statue, install plaques detailing his contribution to Miami thought-out the space. But the name recommended to FDOT for the greenway just doesn't sound very appealing, the O.M.G. acronym is a no brainer.