Wednesday Night Ride

Wednesday Night Ride (Design District)
NE 36 St/2nd Ave (under I-195 overpass)
We leave at 8:30pm. Get there at 8:00pm

This is a faster paced ride, slow folks need not apply, we're not waiting on anyone. This is not a Critical Mass style ride.



  1. How did this go? I might make the extra effort to drive down next time.

  2. this ride is just a few of us 10-15 riding around, nothing special, not a race, just getting some miles in

    I think I'm going to try & get a few guys from Miami to go up to Ft. Lauderdale soon.. I want to ride up there, just not sure I want to ride back

    reserve the extra effort for one of the Friday evening Critical Mass rides

  3. This Wednesday I'll be there for sure... Who's with me?

  4. Is it all road bikes or can a poor dude on a mountain bike with XC tires hang?

  5. "Is it all road bikes or can a poor dude on a mountain bike with XC tires hang?" - ed

    I'm really not sure, based on my experience it's a lot more difficult keeping up on a mtb on the road. These rides are supposed to take place every Wednesday except the 1st Wed of the month. That has not been the case. It's become more of a monthly event due to everyones scheduling/laziness unfortunately.

  6. Heyyy. I'm always down to ride Wednesday nights. You should let me know next time this happens for realz.

  7. Ready to rip it. Is this ride meeting up this Oct 22?

  8. This ride will be meeting up this Wednesday 10/22

  9. Replies
    1. We stopped doing this ride about 5 years ago. Now there's another ride which is about one year sold hosted by FYXD305.. they meet every Wednesday at 7pm on 15th & Biscayne


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