Loose Canons Bike Race 8/6/08



  1. I can't wait! I did a test run last night from the skate shop to PS14 and I ended up getting a flat. The first draw bridge is a bit hazerdous if you cross over it all the way to the right and the same thing is true about the right shoulder as you cross the final bridge into downtown.

    I'm looking forward to a safe and fun race on Wednesday!

  2. Hey Rydee anywhere to see a map for this? First time I'm planning on going.

  3. rydizze u better not cheat this time,lol.ill buy you a few rounds if i winz

  4. a map is not needed, it's very basic

    get to 17st on beach to merge into venetian causeway west over to biscayne, then go to 14 st

    roughly 4 miles

  5. Good times. Thanks to all involved. Will someone follow up with a link to some photos?

    Also... Any update on the girl that got hurt?

  6. That was an awesome ride. We had a fixed gear bullet train going on for awhile once we got on Venetian way.

    Can't wait for the next one.

  7. I contacted the girl who got hurt, her name is Erin. She said there was a car that almost hit someone in front of her, she tried to dodge the car and her brakes failed, ran head first into the sidewalk. They called an ambulance & she got 5 stitches. She's in good spirits and appears to be taking it well. She's excited she now has "a bike war story" to tell.


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