Tampon Tuesdays Ride : Video

Straying from the standard Tampon Tuesdays at the hockey rink the crew went on a 16mi ride to The Field Irish Pub & Eatery on Griffin Rd. for some food & drinks. Once there we were entertained by an Irish cover band which I'm assuming played 1/4 of The Beatles discography throughout the night. Fun ride overall, I had never ridden on Griffin before, it was really smooth going westbound and it had a bike lane but all the cars seemed to be going 45mph+

I wasn't in Randy Marsh (see Pandemic 2 - The Startling) mode last night so I barely got any footage from the ride, I basically recorded 3 minutes out of a 50 minute ride & used 2 minutes of it, one of those minutes is me waiting on the train. Awesome huh?

Here's a glimpse of the ride..



  1. How long does it take to get there from Miami?

  2. by car about 40 minutes.. on bike a little under 2 hours to (ft. laud).. coming from coconut grove area

  3. what rink u ride from? im just getting involved in the bike scene, but i work at a few of the local rinks reffing mens and some youth games as my side hustle. picking up my first fixie soon, but i have a road bike n im lookin to ride.

  4. wow rydee, that song was actually good!

    who's it by?

    prob shoulda betrayed my polo peeps for this trip, but whatevskies.

  5. this song would've better represented last Friday night.. it was written for us

    it's by The Spits.. Take back the alley!!


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