Uphill Battle Series : February 18th, 2009

Uphill Battle Series 1.0

Key Biscayne / Virginia Key
Rickenbacker Causeway race over the William Powell Bridge

It doesn't matter how fast you descend, it's all about who reaches the top first. You will be judged on climbing skills hence the red polka dot jersey theme.

Participants will receive one red dot per win. The one with the most dots at the end of the series is the overall winner.



  1. Is there information on how to sign up?

  2. I'm in, but what time and where do we meet? FG only or open to road bikes?

  3. Steve.. it is not necessary to sign up as all our events are loosely organized and just for fun

    Andrew.. that is undecided now.. I personally have no objection to any kinds of bikes

    a discussion on this can be found at:

  4. You know this event could seriously attract sponsorship and a lot of attention if it was done up. The KB bridge is THE icon (and often a curse) of Miami-Dade bicycling. If you simply promote this through the usual clubs and a few signs on the causeway people would be fighting for bragging rights. You could easily get the newschannels and the Herald to come out and give it publicity.

  5. Steve, good point. Wonder if it couldn't be done in a formal way in conjunction with the next time they close the causeway to bicyclists.


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