Bicycle Education/Safety Campaign

Photos by Bert Rodriguez

It's been a long time coming. These new bus shelter ads can be seen around Biscayne Blvd & N. Miami Ave (Wynwood-Edgewater).

For more information go to:

City Of Miami Bicycle Initiatives

Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization

If you spot any of these around the city I encourage you to leave a comment below stating where you saw one and include a photo if possible. For example, the "Bikes May Use Full Lane" ad is on N. Miami Ave/25th St.



  1. sweeeet! The CCBA got this law passed in Connecticut, but most people never heard of it. The bus ads are a great idea!

  2. There's one near the westbound lane of Calle Ocho about the 3 foot law [facing the wrong direction, of course] near the intersection of 37th Avenue. Great turnout on the 8/28 ride and looking forward to the September ride.


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