Fixed On Miami

Running Roots Productions are making a fixed-gear cycling film in Miami this summer.

"Fixed on Miami will be a pseudo documentary about fixed gear biking in Miami. It will have a loose story line that takes course over one full day. The velodrome, bike messenging, bike polo, tricks, scenic rides, urban rides, events and group rides, as well as comedic moments and everyday fixed gear riding in awesome locations will be featured. We are currently writing the screenplay, scouting locations, shooting a bit, and casting for the film. We have a strong concept that will be highly stylized, but also very real. This will not be an on the fly type of documentary film. Each shot will be carefully thought out before shooting."

If you wish to be a part of the film you should contact them at



  1. Thanks for the shout!! We've changed around the concept a bit to be more of a loosely scripted movie rather than a full on documentary. You can read the revisions on

    Would like to meet up with you at some point, Rydell! An email to be coming your way soon!


  2. Rydel:

    Thanks for informing us about this.

    I sent them an e-mail offering advice and help.

    look forward to seeing this movie.



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