City of Miami : 2030 Bicycle Master Plan

The City of Miami Bicycle Master Plan has been completed. The City Commission will have a chance to vote on this landmark legislation on October 8th. Results of the vote will be posted. If you would like a chance to see the Bicycle Master Plan, you can download the full copy:

2030 Bicycle Master Plan [PDF] 25.2 MB



  1. Fantastic. Thanks for posting it. And welcome to Twitter!

  2. Daniel, I've been on Twitter I just never use it, I recently implemented twitterfeed hence my blog post are automatically starting to show up there.

    Initially the account was set up for MIA Fixed.. to post upcoming rides, races, etc. But I might change name to Miami Bike Scene & I guess I should let others know the blog is on twitter

  3. I use Twitterfeed for all my various blogs, so I know how awesome it is. I know I sometimes need to remind myself that if someone/thing is not on Twitter it does not mean they don't exist, but nevertheless, it's good to find MBS there now. It'll be easier to RT stories from the blog via my acct and @BikeMiami.


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