Bicycle Film Festival : Miami 2009

Your eyes do not deceive you. The Bicycle Film Festival, a celebration of bicycles through film, art and music is coming to Miami in December. It's not often a city like Miami gets to play host to an event such as this. The Bicycle Film Festival is usually held in bikecentric cities like Chicago, New York, Portland, LA, San Francisco & Minneapolis. I expect all South Florida cyclists to show their support when the festival comes to town. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

Here's the 2008 trailer. I'll post a 2009 version when one becomes available.


Venetian Causeway Bridge Closed May 1st - 30th

Update : Transit Miami

The East Venetian Causeway Bridge will be closed May 1st thru the 30th, weather permitting. This is a safety issue for cyclists, runners, skaters & pedestrians alike who use the Venetian as an alternative to the MacCarthur Causeway. We need a safe corridor between Downtown Miami & South Beach.

Please join Transit Miami in asking FDOT (District 6) for a temporary barrier to be placed between the shoulders and the right-most travel lanes so that bicyclists and pedestrians may have safe passage between the City of Miami and Miami Beach during the month of May.

Voice your concerns via telephone or email to the appropriate representatives.


Loose Cannons : May 7th, 2009 (Thursday)

As previously stated Loose Cannons will no longer be on Wednesday nights to PS14. The races will now take place on Thursday nights & the finish line will be The News Lounge (55th NE 4th Ct).

The race will begin @ Keirin Cycles
235 A 9th St
Miami Beach, FL


Bike Miami Days : Video (Coconut Grove)

Excellent turnout at Bike Miami Days / Orange Bike Parade in Coconut Grove on Sunday. There were easily over 1200 cyclists present and the majorty of them adorned with orange T-shirts provided FREE by the Netherlands Consulate General and the local Dutch community in celebration of Earth Month & the Dutch Queen's birthday. Coconut Grove seemed to attract more cyclists & families than downtown Miami. Maybe some newcomers to the event will be enticed to check out Bike Miami Days next month in the city & Mary Brickell Village.

Bike Miami Days will be back in downtown on Sunday, May 17th.


April Critical Mass : Video

Great ride this past Friday for Miami Critical Mass. Around 65-70 cyclists showed up & participated in the monthly ride. The group rode west towards Coral Gables & back east to downtown passing through Little Havana's "Viernes Culturales" which similar to Critical Mass, is held on the last Friday of every month.

Total distance ridden was 12.8 miles. Here's a link to the route and a video from this month's ride.

Next month's Critical Mass ride will be on Friday, May 29th.


Street Sharks Bike Race

May 16th, 2009

The Firefly
219 NE 20th ST
$5 Entry

This event coincides with 305 Fest


Busway Sprints : Video

The first of the Busway Sprints series went extremely well last night. About 30 cyclists showed up and 20 raced. The South-Dade Busway proved to be an excellent location for the sprints. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We used single-elimination brackets, though next time we will be using double-elimination and speed up the intervals between sprints. Also, the last minute move to 117 St bustop (across from Whole Foods) worked out for the best, this will be the spot for all forthcoming Busway Sprints.


1st Alex Fix
2nd Michael (QMike)
3rd Richard

A few of the riders went to Betty's Best Burgers after the race. They allowed everyone to bring their bikes inside which I thought was pretty cool.


Critical Mass : April 24th, 2009

Participants are to keep a moderate pace, it's very important that the group stays together. It makes corking easier and the ride much smoother for everyone involved (cyclists/motorists/pedestrians). Also, make sure to arrive on schedule, that's 6:30pm.

Below is a tutorial for corking. Only experienced cyclists should volunteer to cork.

Friday, April 24th @ 6:30pm
Government Center
101 NW First St
Downtown Miami

Get directions to Government Center here


What's really GOOD?

GOOD, a bimonthly news and culture magazine featured Miami in a short portraits piece highlighting cities with growing bike scenes across North America.

When I was contacted for the article this past November I was questioned about our local Critical Mass, alley cats, fixed-gear bikes, bike polo, bike lanes and bike collectives. The story was to be told mostly through numbers and statistics. I referred the journalist to Mike @ Transit Miami and Kevin @ Firefly Bike Collective who were also interviewed for it.

It appears some people don't quite understand this piece, just check the comments section over at GOOD. It's composed mainly of people asking why their city was excluded or not number one on the list. Yet, there is no number one, it's in alphabetical order. The list is for "burgeoning" bike scenes. Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Boulder, New York, Davis, and San Francisco have established bicycle scenes. Though those cities bike scenes are still growing I feel like the ones highlighted were the cities whose bike culture was just beginning to sprout, with the exclusion of Minneapolis. This article is in no way stating we are close to Portland in terms of bicycle advocacy, but it's great that we are being acknowledged.


Bike Miami Days : Coconut Grove

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bike Miami Days will be held in Coconut Grove this month. There will be free bike rentals, outdoor yoga, live music, arts & crafts, bike valet and much more. There'll also be lots of parking..

It sure seems like an abundance of automobile parking for an event that revolves around cycling. It's unfortunate most South Floridians are terrified to ride their bicycles on the roads to an event such as this one. With all the available parking, you'd be under the impression that they want you to get there by car or truck. There's eight (8) highlighted parking areas on the map.

Coinciding with Bike Miami Days will be the Orange Bike Parade. The first of it's kind in Miami, in celebration of Earth Month & the Dutch Queen’s birthday. The parade is organized by the Netherlands Consulate General and the local Dutch community. The parade leaves at 10:30am from Peacock Park.

All orange dressed participants will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Royal Dutch Gazelle bicycle. There will also be a prize for the best orange decorated bicycle. Free orange t-shirts will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more info on this fun & family friendly event visit : Bike Miami Days


Busway Sprints : Friday April 17th

Busway Sprints

Meet @ the bus station across from Betty's Best Burgers
US1 & 104 St (East Kendall)

1/4 mi sprints will be held on the South-Dade Busway.

Friday , April 17th 2009

Directions here.


Emerge / Meetup Group Critical Mass (Saturday)

Emerge Miami / Meetup
Saturday April 11th @ 10:00am
3201 SW First Ave

The ride we will begin @ the Vizcaya (Metrorail Station) and go through Coconut Grove and then head south down the Old Cutler trail into Matheson Hammock Park Beach.

This excursion is NOT like the Friday Critical Mass. It is a lot more relaxed and a great ride for novice cyclists and/or those who wish to take it easy. Come out and enjoy a leisurely ride and meet some like-minded individuals this Saturday.

Bring lotion if it's sunny out, you will probably get sunburned if not prepared. You might also wish to bring a towel in case you decide to take a swim in the man-made atoll at the park.


Survey Says

The Metropolitan Center at Florida International University (FIU) for the Metropolitan Planning Organization in conjunction with the Miami-Dade County Park & Recreation Department is conducting a study. The survey will help better Miami-Dade County local non-motorized shared use paths trails and greenways for their users and the whole community.

The MPO is responsible for the transportation planning process of Miami-Dade County.

Take the Shared-Use Trail Maintenance Program Survey
(should take no more than 5 minutes)


Post Of The Week Over @ SFDB

Rick over at the South Florida Daily Blog sifts through and reviews most of the local blogs and posts highlights throughout the day. I'm glad he recognizes this blog because it helps expose us to folks who might not normally be aware of the cycling phenomenon taking place in S. Florida. Thanks

P.S. Where do I collect my prize?


Loose Cannons : April Fools' Video

The Loose Cannons race turned into quite the April Fools' prank on all its participants Wednesday night. The race started at Sweat Records in Little Haiti and was initially intended to be a quick 3 mile sprint to PS14 in Overtown. Problem was, the organizer informed me a few hours before the race that PS14 was unexpectedly closed that evening. Whoops!

Joel (organizer) decided to relocate the race to The News Lounge where he hosts a weekly party on Thursday Nights. This would not be possible though since The News is only 2 blocks away from Sweat Records, thus making the race pointless. That's where April Fools' Day came in handy, it gave us an excuse to divert the riders in another direction so the race would remain a few miles in length. The difficult part was getting the cyclists from PS14 to the new destination in secrecy, since Joel was out of town I stepped up to help with the race.

I quickly made some fliers/maps to distribute at the faux finish line and gave my friend Meatball a call to see if he could give me a ride on the back of his scooter. This enabled me to be at the start of the race, at the faux finish, and the final finish. This was kept secret from everyone, the only people that knew were the Red Stripe promoters, Frankie (photos) and maybe two others helping with the event. I had a great time zooming around town on the back of the scooter. Passing out the April Fools' fliers was equally entertaining. Basically everyone rode 3 miles south only to be to informed that it was April Fools' and they had to travel 3 miles back north to the new location. The look of dismay on some of the cyclists faces when they read the flier was priceless. Overall, it was an excellent race and everyone appeared to have a great time.

The winners at the faux finish line (PS14)
1. Ferny
2. Alex G
3. Dave

The winners at the The News Lounge
1. Ferny (won a Fi'zi:k Arione saddle courtesy of Keirin Cycles)
2. Darren (won a COG hardcover book courtesy of COG)
3. Jen K (Jenny won a custom cycling hat courtesy of HEADSET)

Free Red Stripe & issues of COG #5 were given out until supplies lasted. Some riders foolishly did not utilize their easy to read maps and got themselves slightly off-course insuring top ranking out of their grasps.

Thanks to Joel Meinholz, Lolo @ Sweat Records, Thomas & Nick @ Keirin Cycles, Frankie Galland (photos), Meatball, Linda, Red Stripe, and The News Lounge for making this happen.

Loose Cannons will no longer be on Wednesday nights to PS14. The races will now take place on Thursday nights & the finish line will be The News Lounge.

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