Two years ago today I launched the MIA Fixed forums, a free online community for locals to discuss cycling, coordinate rides, buy/sell bikes, etc. The forum currently boasts 1000+ registered members, 2500+ discussions, and thousands of comments. An asset to many S. Florida cyclists as the forum is the most convenient way for them to engage in discussions with their peers.

For the past 2 years I have heard countless people incorrectly pronounce the name of the website, today I have decided to address this problem so that we shall never hear it uttered inaccurately ever again.

MIA.. an abbreviation for Miami, the city we live and ride in.

Ok, repeat after me




  1. Congrats! Missing In Action Fixed is one of my favorite boards. Thanks for giving us sarcastic ass FG riders somewhere to commune.

  2. Congratulations! You've got a good thing going here.

  3. how about you accept my application already so that i could actually use this forum....

  4. Hahahaha... I'm certainly guilty of the "Mamma Mia" pronunciation of MIA Fixed.

    I've had to start thinking of it as M-I-A Fixed so I can say it the right way!


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