The Miami Bike Scene / MIA Fixed Jerseys

Limited cycling jerseys for The Miami Bike Scene / MIA Fixed MS Team are now available.

Deadline to pre-order is Wednesday March 30th!

How to order:

PayPal $45, please send this as a "gift" by clicking on the "personal" tab, understand that if you don't send as a "gift" PayPal will charge the receiver 3%. Your payment will be returned until you send it correctly.

You must specify your size and fit (club, race, and women specific). Use the size chart available at Velocé Speedwear and choose wisely. No refunds! Club ft is the most common in the USA.

The jerseys will be issued in early May just in time for the MS Ride.


PS You are not required to be on the MS Team to purchase a jersey. This is a rush order so please act fast.



  1. Any of these Jerseys left. I asked a couple of months ago. Thought I'd check back. I'll be there Friday. Large or XL. Thanks, Carlos

  2. No.. these were sold out in March. If I decide to make more it will be posted on the blog.

  3. can some of these be made again? would love to purchase one.


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