Only 16 people showed up for this ride, I can't say I was surprised as I wasn't expecting many due to the timing conflict with Loose Cannons (3-hr gap) & the lack of interest shown on the forum. It was a cool ride nonetheless, a bit over 5 miles with not too much wind. Motor-vehicles for the most part were going really fast on the i-395. It's not as bad as people make it seem but definitely not for the faint of heart, the shoulder disappears a few times & there's glass/debris all along the side of the road. The folks from FriendsWithYou presented a gift package to one of the riders, that was very nice of them. Most of us never stepped foot inside Kidrobot, the line was kinda intense as can be seen in the video. We all rode to South Pointe Park after and grabbed a bite to eat before heading over to Keirin Cycles for Loose Cannons.

Don't forget to check out the Loose Cannons video from later that evening!