Last night was the first ever Loose Cannons on a Thursday. If you recall I mentioned last month that the rides were to no longer be held on Wednesday nights. The race started at Keirin Cycles and went to The News Lounge. This was an interesting event due to the closure of the Venetian Causeway (the safest & most popular route from the beach to the mainland). Participants had to choose between the MacCarthur Causeway (i-395) or Julia Tuttle (i-195). The race was a bit over 7 miles with the fastest group (see video) completing in approximately 18 minutes & 25 seconds.

A Flip Mino camcorder was attached to my handlebars so I was able to ride without a camera in my hand which was most convenient. Unfortunately the bumpy ride & poor lighting resulted in piss-poor footage. I prefer my Canon SD1100 over the Flip Mino, I don't like video in widescreen and the footage became blurry/shaky with the slightest movement. The race footage was captured from start to finish, this is the first video I've recorded in this fashion. I don't plan on boring anyone with a 20 minute video so I fast forwarded the first 6 miles of the race, it switches to regular speed at the 4:56 mark. That's where I join up with the pack leaders who took the i-195 route.

The video may make you dizzy & cause your brain to hurt. If it becomes unbearable, close your eyes & just enjoy the tunes, though the music may also hurt your ears. The angriest soundtrack thus far. Forward to 4:56 if you can't deal with the sped up edit.

The winners:
1. Alex Fix
2. Eric Z
3. Dave (almost took me out with that skid @ the 7:04 mark)