Here are some very important details concerning Cranksgiving tomorrow.

Participants need to be at Government Center at 2pm. Do not show up late.
Bring $10, a bicycle, and a bag or basket to carry the items.
All bicycles are welcomed. Helmets encouraged.

We will not meet near the escalators/Metromover like we usually do for Friday Critical Mass. Instead we will meet a few yards west by "the orange peels" near the corner of NW 2nd Ave/1st St. We're doing this to be out of the way of pedestrians/public transit commuters & to avoid religious zealots.

Participants will have two options. The fast cyclists actually racing will go to all 5 checkpoints (17 miles) and will be competing for all the prizes. The slower people will have to hit up just 3 checkpoints (estimated 6-8 miles), these cyclists will only be competing for "Most Charitable".

More details will be given out at the race.. I cannot stress enough to be there by 2pm

Prizes for Cranksgiving have been added to the Cranksgiving Miami blog. If you haven't checked out the blog I suggest you do so now.

We will have prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st Fixed Gear, 1st Female, 1st MTB, 1st Out Of Towner, DFL, and Most Charitable.

Gary Mendenhall who has been helping Tony Blazejack and I with the race will be providing homemade oatmeal cookies & Gatorade to participants. O.N.E. Drinks will also be there at the finish of the race giving cyclists drinks.

Once the race is finished and everyone is accounted for we will issue prizes to the winners and possibly raffle off a few extra items. We will then ride a few blocks north to the Camillus House to donate all the non-perishable items collected.

Remember this is a charity race. Ride safe & be courteous. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Government Center
101 NW First St
Miami, FL. 33128