Excellent turnout this afternoon with just over 100 cyclists at the first annual Miami Cranksgiving. We collected a lot of food for those in need this holiday season. Below is a brief breakdown of the winners though it's safe to say we're all winners today!

1st - Ariel M. (Time 1:05)
2nd- Kayd M. (Time 1:10)
3rd - Stephan I. (Time 1:13) <-- technically 4th, 2nd Fixed
1st Fixed - Marty R. (3rd overall) (Time 1:10)
2nd Fixed - Chris Camargo (5th overall) <-- technically 3rd Fixed
1st Out Of Towner - TIII from WPB (7th overall)
1st Female - Jen Whalen (12th overall)
1st MTB - Prem B. (14th overall)
2nd Female - Belinda R. (15th overall)
Most Charitable - Tom Blazejack
DFL (Dead F#cking Last) - Ivan N.

The winners all received some prizes & bonus prizes were also given out to random people at the end. We asked a few Thanksgiving trivia questions and tossed out some bike swag into the crowd. Thanks to all the sponsors for contributing to this race.

Special thanks to Tony Blazejack & Gary Medenhall whom without them this would not be possible. Also to the three off & on volunteers we had at the race! Your help was greatly appreciated! (Big Ed, Vin, Arthur)

Here's a few photos from before & after the event.

Below is a list of the the participants in the order in which they registered. (missed a few, sorry)

Diego M
Danny G
Chris C
Charles M
Useless Derek
Patty H
Omar L
Billy M
Andres T
Daus S
Ricardo M
Lissette L
Ivan N
Marty R
Lawrence L
Ralph A
Lisa J
Karen R
Jorge R
Justin B
Prem B
Belinda R
Mike P
Mike C
Alex G
Andrew C
Mike M
Brian T
Erik S
Harry B
John C
Anne V
Stephanie S
Nicci R
Anthony N
Fabian G
Martin A
Anthea P
Fernando H
Eddy G
Cristian M
Didi V
Kris H
Jordan M
Tom B
Kayd M
Liz W
Billy H
Melissa S
Devin R
Andrew K
James R
Jason L
Lidia N
Randall M
Adam S
Leah W
Philip C
Jen W
Ariel M
German M
Jeff C
Bryan M
Angel P
Morgan R
Ralfael A
Jess B
Dario G
Geo V
Marlon G
Olga C
Raul B
Ken D
Kathy J
Eddy S
Ralph W
Chris D
Gisely K
Juan L
Dieter B
Stephan I
David M
Justin P
Jack S
Johan R
Jorge J
Nina T
Oscar R
Maria R
Megan P
Benny P

Here's a panoramic photo from outside Camillus House

Photo by Charles Martens

More details, photos & videos later. Must go drink beers!