Saturday February 6, 2010

Saint Mark Catholic Church
5601 South Flamingo Road
Southwest Ranches, FL 33330

"The event was put together by members of the South Florida cycling community for all bike riders, regardless of age, gender, bike and faith. Our friend at Saint Mark Catholic Church, Rev. Cesar Peña will say a few kind words and then sprinkle our bikes with holy water.

There will be a moment of silence to remember those cyclists WHO LOST their lives in the past and this year, it will be a chance for all of the riders to turn their bike’s cranks backwards or ring their bicycle bells in celebration of cycling. Due to the tragic event in Haiti a Hat (helmet) will be passed around to raise donations for the victims of the earthquake. Riders will be asked to donate in cash the equivalent of whatever they spent on a rest stop while riding. For example a Gatorade + granola bar.

After the short ceremony a “Ghost Bike” will be placed later around the intersection between Glades and route 84 in memory of Leon Hamer killed last year on a bike accident"