MIA Fixed is 1-year old today. With over 600 registered members, 1350 discussions, and arguably becoming the craigslist for fixed-gear bikes in S. Florida (for sale/rants & raves/missed connections), the forum has quickly become a staple in our urban cycling community.

If you're looking for tips on a conversion, photos of nude girls on bicycles, ratio comparisons, buying/selling or trading cycling goods, answers to your dumb questions, videos & photos that make you say WTF, report a bike stolen, inside jokes, gay innuendo, and irrelevant drunken ramblings, then MIA Fixed might be the place for you.

As critical as I may be of it, MIA Fixed has actually been a useful resource for S. Florida cyclists throughout the past year. A lot of knowledge has been spread, rides/events coordinated, and many friendships born via the forum. Here's to many more.

The one image that sums up MIA Fixed.

My thoughts exactly.