The first annual Coral Gables Tweed Ride held on Saturday morning was a huge success. About 70 cyclists attended the leisurely ride & tour through Historic Coral Gables which was organized by Gary Medenhall of Green Mobilty Network.

Professor David Rifkind, School of Architecture at Florida International University narrated the tour and gave insightful information about the various landmarks we visited during the ride. We made brief stops by the Coral Way Entrance, Alhambra Water Tower, Country Club Prado Entrance, City Hall (where the group was greeted by Mayor Don Slesnick), Venetian Pool, and the Biltmore Hotel.

It was great seeing so many cyclists adorned in old-timey fashion. The judges of the costume contest had some tough choices to make since many of the get-ups were fantastic, awards were issued at Titanic Brewery & Restaurant where the ride ended and participants stayed for food & drinks. Overall it was a very pleasant, insightful & safe ride.

From left to right:
(best female steed, most dapper chap, most snappy lass, best facial hair, best male steed)

More photos from the ride available here and here.

Check out this excellent video from the Tweed Ride by Francisco Moraga

Expect another Tweed Ride sometime in Jan/Feb of next year. You have more than enough time to get your vintage attire and bicycle ready.