Just made more The Miami Bike Scene stickers. The initial batch was gone surprisingly fast, I wasn't aware people were so into stickers. I'm hoping folks find a good place to put these, they are 4"x4" and I don't recommend putting them on bikes, they're too big for proper alignment on bike tubes. Don't fret though, spoke cards will be available soon, those go on your bike dummy!

As of now the only way to get the stickers is directly from me, these will not be mailed out to anyone. I'll be around this weekend at various events, ask and you shall receive.

Also, please leave a comment if you spot some of these around town (include where you saw it). Within the next couple of days there will be a fun contest, more details to come so stay tuned.

Disclaimer: Do not put stickers, posters or other materials on public or private property unless you have permission. We are not responsible for any fines or other legal consequences (including possible arrest) you suffer if you post materials in an illegal location.