Miami Bike Report is a new online tool which enables local cyclists to report blocked bike lanes, bike thefts, accidents, road hazards, harassment, citations and more via an active map. The incident reports help create a database where other cyclists can see which areas are safer or dangerous for cycling, which areas have the highest rate of bike theft, etc.

"The goal of this site is to serve as a repository where information can be posted and visualized quickly, by glancing at maps. A site where experienced cyclists can share their knowledge and new cyclists can find answers to those challenges we face in our city, every day."

Reports can be submitted directly on the site and also via text message (786 250 BIKE), email or Twitter.

Please take a moment to peruse the website and explore some of it's features. The active map/database thrives on user input, if you have any incident(s) to report please do so today. Your report contributions can help others ride safer.

I commend Eddy Stevens-Torrealba for establishing the site, he's done an excellent job and I'm looking forward to seeing the database grow once the cycling community begins to share it's input.

PS The site is also available en espaƱol.