"IBM's Smarter Cities Challenge is a unique three year $50 million grant program designed to help 100 cities, competitively selected, to gain access to the technology and problem solving capacity to address the challenge and opportunity of making themselves smarter.

IBM firmly believe that these grants could help cities around the world to become smarter by enhancing their capacity to collect, analyze and act upon information across multiple systems; to create an environment where global cities can learn from one another; and to foster cross-sector partnerships that address critical challenges and provide a road map for the future.

This new program is the single-largest philanthropic investment currently planned by IBM."

Miami is a great candidate for this! The grant could help with any number of things, including using innovative technology to make Miami a more bike-friendly city. In order for Miami to be eligible for the IBM grant, we would need to apply before December 31st. Get on it!

The application for the Smarter Cities Challenge must be signed by an executive officer of a municipality or local government, whose title varies by location – for example, s/he may be the mayor, city manager, chief administrative officer, county manager, county executive, etc. The most successful proposals will:
  • Describe 1-3 potential problems or opportunities to address with the grant
  • Provide clear, compelling evidence that the city is well positioned to utilize the resources offered in the Smarter Cities Challenge
  • Outline how a grant of IBM talent and technology has the potential to substantially enhance the city's capacity to act on key issues
  • Highlight recent efforts to develop innovative solutions to public problems, including any initiatives to implement new technologies or open data policies
  • Demonstrate the city is ready to match IBM's investment with its own commitment of time and talent, including access to the city agencies and personnel relevant to the project