Excellent turn out for the 3rd annual Cranksgiving on Saturday, we had a total of 131 registered riders. The Camillus House was very pleased with our efforts and by the amount of non-perishable items we collected on bicycle. Thanks to Gary Medenhall, Eddy Stevens, all the sponsors and most of all to everyone who participated in this worthy cause.

The race started at 3:20pm and the top riders finished at approximately 4:27pm. Total distance was 17 miles and required stopping at five grocery store check points. Prizes and giveaways were distributed at Government Center and limited spoke cards were issued to those who dropped off their items at the Camillus House. After the event a group of us headed over to The Filling Station for food & drinks. Once again thanks to everyone involved and hope to see you all next year.

Top 5

1st - Giancarlo Bianchi
2nd - Michael Lum (1st Fixed)
3rd - Amy Plotkin (1st Female)
4th - Alexander G
5th - Jorge J

1st Out Of Towner - TIII (West Palm Beach)

Most Charitable - Ray Strack, Scott Sassin and a female rider who's name I don't recall.

Here's a short video from the Le Mans start of the race and the ride over to Camillus House to drop off donations.

Below is a list of all 131 participants in the order in which they registered:

Robert N
Diego P
Tina T
Eric B
Craig N
Dru N
Eric M
Alex R
Vilma C
Jerri H
Mauro C
Cason B
Jerry P
Ryan O
Jorge L
Steven D
Maria M
Luis R
Alexander J
Ray Z
Rick Q
Mara S
Jolyan L
Andrew F
Max K
Ricardo M
Ivan C
Matty P
Stu N (Ft. Lauderdale)
Jessica L
Brett P
Felix H
Mitch M
Scott S
Romano W
Ian K
Raphael C (California)
Orlando A
Amy P
Jonathan S
Adrian E
Kevin C (Orlando)
Randy R (North Carolina)
John H
Erika C
Carol C
Jim C
Corey L (West Palm Beach)
Will G
Melissa K
Kathia L
Angel P
Cynathia M
Eddie G
Rosie M
Jim J
Allan C
Jeanette S
Lee L (West Palm Beach)
Zaida G
Jan M
TIII (West Palm Beach)
Carlos U
Francis G
Joe S (West Palm Beach)
Shari B (West Palm Beach)
Stephanie R
Ray S (Ft. Lauderdale)
Chris H
Colin W
Joseph M
Lissette L
Mario C
Anthony N
Phi T
Ruben D
Jenny A
Maria A
Mari A
Brandon K
Judy (Pembroke Pines)
Paul (Pembroke Pines)
Chris C
Pablo R
Hilary B
Chakira S
Greg S
Marco R
Kate S
Michael L
Bara A
Rachel L
Charlie W
Jaime S
Martin A
Tamara W
Giancarlo B
Mike C
Alexander G
Dieter B
Meaghan N
Andrea R
Vivian M
Ernest R
Jean H
Miguel M
Luke D
Erika T
Trina C
Ivan A
Branca A
Lucas S
Lauren E
Nick M
Craig C
Jovanni V
Analys C
Dyann A
Andrew H
Mari C
Edwin C
Silvana R
Daniel S
George J
Eddy S
Ralph W
Tom P
Grant P
Nicole N
Tremaine M

Thanks to all of this year's sponsors:

Bike Werx
Clif Bar & Company
Mack Cycle & Fitness
MIA Fixed
The Miami Bike Scene
OMBU LifeStyle Shoes
Red Bull
Sun Cycling Center
The Filling Station
Urban Velo