Photo by Nancy Rose

We had a great time at the 4th annual Cranksgiving Bicycle Food Drive Alleycat Race yesterday afternoon, 170 registered cyclists rode and collected approximately $2,000 worth of non-perishable items for the Camillus House. Special thanks to Gary Medenhall, Adam (The Filling Station), James, Jeremy, and to everyone who participated in this worthy cause. Also, to Om Nom Nom Cookies for the delicious post-race treats. Hope to see you everyone again next year!

Here's a photo slideshow from the event:

Over 150 more photos available here courtesy of Greg Siegler, 50 more great shots here by Nancy Rose, and 60 here by Susy Castillo.

Top 5

1st - Giancarlo Bianchi*
2nd - Alexander Gil (1st Fixed)*
3rd - Amy Plotkin (1st Female)
4th - Laura Parsons (2nd Female)
5th - Eric Zugor (2nd Fixed)

1st Out Of Towner - TIII (West Palm Beach)
1st MTB - Hugo Chilo

Most Charitable - Aleric Constantine and John Voss

Below is a list of all 170 participants in the order in which they registered:

Austin S
Phillip T (Fort Lauderdale)
Adolfo B
Anwar R (Fort Lauderdale)
Lou R (West Palm Beach)
Cameron E (Jupiter)
Wild Bill (Fort Lauderdale)
Stu N (Fort Lauderdale)
Nate L (West Palm Beach)
Shannon L (West Palm Beach)
Eric H (Cocoa Beach)
TIII (West Palm Beach)
Jason F (West Palm Beach)
Chris M (Lake Worth)
Matthew M
Edgar M
Julien G
Renee S
Carlos M
Robert N
Aleric C
Corey L (West Palm Beach)
Lee L (West Palm Beach)
Ann Marie P
Natalie G
Ivan G
Eli G
Mike L
Amy P
Laura P
Dianna H
Nicolas H
Rolando H
Edgar M
Matthew M
Brendan G (Palm Bay)
Dustin F (Tallahassee)
Max K
Anthony C
Maria G
Daniel S
Tulio S
Mary B
Micheal O
Donna S
Greg S
Bruce K
Shannen H
Ian F
Yulen A
Veronica D
Alexandra D
Alicia P
Eric G
Noemi M
Chris M
Christina V
Tommy H
Vanessa D
Giancarlo B
Alexander G
David G
Bruno R
Paloma S (Hollywood)
Adela S
Craig C
Maurice W
Flavia S
Jason B (Fort Lauderdale)
Juan M (Fort Lauderdale)
John V
Alain M
Elio D
Andre P (Fort Lauderdale)
Yari N
Ilan N
Emily N
Kristofer C
Naval M
Ascanio M
Eileen R
Rebecca G
Angelica S
Star R (Pembroke Pines)
Lian O
Rob R
Jean H (Hallandale)
Laurel F (Dania Beach)
Judy B (Pembroke Pines)
Hannah B (Pembroke Pines)
Zachary B (Pembroke Pines)
Paul B (Pembroke Pines)
Jonathan B (Pembroke Pines)
Noah B (Pembroke Pines)
Jovanni V
Johan V (West Palm Beach)
Live V
Vera A
Felix H
Josh L
Adam G (Fort Lauderdale)
Wendy W
Caroline O
Debra G
Hugo C
Javier C
Damarys H
Oliver L
Annette O
Laz D
Lymari R
Adrianna G
Jovanny B
Chris H
Nancy S (Naples)
Eddy Z
Allan K
Jay R (Tampa)
Georgia B
Jorge J
Nina T
Lenny C
Nory A
Andres B
Paul P (Fort Lauderdale)
Angie I (Fort Lauderdale)
Anna L
Teresa C
Carl C
Julio L
Gianfranco B
Kariana M
Diego V
Andy N
Frank K
Barbara M
Jeff C
Rosemary S
Marco R
Ariel G
Eric Z
Andres T
Nicole B (Fort Lauderdale)
Ben S (Fort Lauderdale)
Mari C
Doug P
Maxwell K
Janelly P
Steven H
Dario G
Marjanne K
Jonelle D
Tamara W
Andrew H
Mateo H
Jake G
Ivan A
Joan D
Ashely J
Eddy G
Angel P
Lorena R
Jim J
Alan C
Melissa K
Kathia L
Jay C (Fort Lauderdale)

Thanks to all of this year's sponsors for the support!

Ass SaversBike TechBike WerxChromeClif Bar & Company, The Filing Station, Fyxation, Grolsch, KnogMack Cycle & FitnessMagic City Bicycle CollectiveMIA FixedThe Miami Bike SceneOm Nom Nom CookiesOrigin-8, Red Bull, Vita Coco