The pedestrian overpass located at the intersection of US 1 and Mariposa Court, adjacent to the University Metrorail station, is finally open!

The pedestrian overpass at the University Metrorail station will provide a safer path for pedestrians and bicyclists who cross the heavily traveled US1 at Mariposa Court. Elevators and bike-friendly stairs with runnel will allow easy access to the overpass from both sides of US 1.

Several University of Miami students have been killed or seriously injured since 1989 while trying to cross busy US 1 at that intersection.

An estimated 1,300 people cross the major highway every day. The overpass cost an estimated $6 million.

The overpass connects to the M-Path and University Metrorail Station which includes amenities such as secure bicycle parking units and a multi-purpose outdoor gym provided by the University Of Miami School of Architecture for The Underline.