Ugh, I was testing out a template for the private MIA Fixed blog and unknowingly had the Miami Bike Scene edit window open. I thought I was editing the other blog when in fact I uploaded the new xml code into this blog. As a result all blogger gadgets were lost and all calendar events, template, links, etc. disappeared. Fortunately the blog content is still here, I will try to recall what I had on the side panels & attempt to fix it when time permits. Slowly but surely I'll get most of it back to normal.. grin & bear it.

Don't forget Critical Mass is Friday, September 25th!

I was able to recover most all the lost data, thanks for the link via comments. I guess it worked out for the best, I changed the layout and now there's no clutter of links, bike shop info, etc. on the side panel. I added header buttons for 'Links' , 'Bike Shops', 'MIA Fixed' & 'Critical Mass'. Also added a 'label' word cloud and 'followers' gadget. Still need to tweak some minor things but the blog should be working fine now.



  1. Google cache may help you recover some of it.

  2. Thank you very much hopespapa, that's just what I needed. I was going to resort to the internet time machine, you saved the day.

    Beth, it's funny that the first labels I ever use for the blog end up being "dumbass" & "fail". I've never used 'labels' before today, I actually started going in reverse chronological order briefly tagging some posts after my mistake.

    This all might be for the best, now I have a reason to revamp the blog. Hopefully all the changes are perceived positively, aesthetics included.

  3. Awesome slalom course you've got, there.

  4. I actually like the new layout better, so it all works out.

  5. thanks Daniel.. I like your new layout better too


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