Tampon Tuesdays Ride : Video

Straying from the standard Tampon Tuesdays at the hockey rink the crew went on a 16mi ride to The Field Irish Pub & Eatery on Griffin Rd. for some food & drinks. Once there we were entertained by an Irish cover band which I'm assuming played 1/4 of The Beatles discography throughout the night. Fun ride overall, I had never ridden on Griffin before, it was really smooth going westbound and it had a bike lane but all the cars seemed to be going 45mph+

I wasn't in Randy Marsh (see Pandemic 2 - The Startling) mode last night so I barely got any footage from the ride, I basically recorded 3 minutes out of a 50 minute ride & used 2 minutes of it, one of those minutes is me waiting on the train. Awesome huh?

Here's a glimpse of the ride..


Some local BMX action..


MIA Fixed.com

MIA Fixed is up and riding. What is it? A basic forum for the flourishing South Florida fixed gear/track cycling community. In recent weeks a handful of cyclists have been inquiring about a local fixed gear specific forum. Well now, here you have it. It's a great platform for discussion & I encourage you to promote it amongst the 'no coast' aficionados. Remember, a community discussion is nothing without the people. New features will be added periodically and any bugs/problems will be fixed as they are brought to my attention.

You must apply to join this community, it's a quick & easy procedure. You will not be allowed to browse, post, etc without first being approved.

One more thing.. ALL are welcome despite it being targeted largely at the fixed gear crowd.



Miami Critical Mass : January 30th 2009

If you would like to help spread the word to fellow cyclists about Miami Critical Mass feel free to download, print & distribute this month's flyer. Four flyers can be printed on one sheet of letter sized paper. Black & white. 300dpi.

Download the flier in .jpg format here [3MB].

Friday January 30th @ 6:30pm
Government Center
101 NW First St
Downtown Miami

Get directions to Government Center here.

Here's a video taken by Shelby Highsmith of Atlanta, GA during his visit to Miami in December.

You can see more videos @ Miami Critical Mass


Miami Lightning Sprints : Video

Last nights sprints were fun, saw a few new faces and even some dudes on MTB's. The turnout was good and the races ran quick & smoothly. Thanks to Kayd for handling the double-elimination bracket & congrats to Alex Fix on the win.


Loose Cannons : February 4th, 2009

Race starts at 10pm from Kerin Cycles, the new bicycle shop adjacent to MIA Skate Shop. It's a nice store ran by cool people. They have BMX, cruisers, single-speeds, track bikes, fixed-gear and more. They also rent bicycles. Be sure to arrive early to this race so you can check out the new shop, have a few drinks & socialize with other bike enthusiasts.

Keirin Cycles
235 A 9th St
Miami Beach, FL. 33139

Get directions to Keirin Cycles here.

The official grand opening for Keirin Cycles will be on February 11th from 7-10pm. This will be a very special event. Thomas & company will be hosting OpenSprints inside the shop. Shortly followed with a 2km sprint to Shiso Sushi @ 10pm


Vintage Bicycle Show & Swap Meet

Mack Cycles in conjunction with VolksBlast bring you the Vintage Bicycle Show.

Saturday February 8th, 2009

Sunset Drive & US-1 ( about 1 block east of Mack Cycles)
Get directions here


Miami Lightning Sprints : Friday Jan. 23rd

Monthly 1/4 mile sprint races.

Friday January 23rd, 2009

Miami Beach Convention Center (outside Hall D)
1901 Convention Center Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Get directions here.


Bike Miami Days : Video

Today's Bike Miami Day, the third since it's inception this past Fall was a success. There was a much better turn out then the December date & it appeared to be better organized. Free stuff (water, bags, etc.) could be found throughout downtown, the slightly extended route was a plus, free bike rentals, yoga, tours of the police stable (horse almost ate my camera) plus more all made this a great event. The weather was perfect for a day spent outdoors, while the majority of the country is battling the cold we are out riding bikes in shorts & tank tops as if it were spring/summer. As cyclists we are spoiled in S. Florida, we have mostly year round good weather and no hills to climb.. but then again we have to deal with some of the most uneducated, rude, hostile drivers around. I'd gladly exchange a day without a reject operating a motor vehicle on the road for some 20° weather.

Safety rant:

There are way too many people out there that need cycling lessons. I witnessed so many close calls today, mainly from kids whose parents just let them run wild. I understand there's no cars but that's not a reason to just ride bike across oncoming cyclists or against the flow of traffic and making abrupt u-turns. Even if everyone is going slow you can still hurt yourself or others. And for the record it's not just kids, I've seen grown folks pull some of the most imbecile stunts ever during Bike Miami. Cycling is fairly easy, there are not many rules but the few rules there are one must always follow if they wish to stay out of harms way.

Next Bike Miami will be on Saturday February 21st in conjunction with Flagler Fest.


MiamiNewTimes.com has a slideshow up.

DowntownMiami.com has photos from Bike Miami.


Wounded Soldiers Cycle From Miami to Key West

CBS4 (watch video)

For more info:
Wounded Warrior Project


Loose Cannons : Video

Here's a brief video from Loose Cannons last night. There's no footage from the actual race, just shots of the participants at Revolution (Coconut Grove) before the start & then at the finish line outside PS14.

Congrats to Alex Fix on another win.


Bike Miami Days : January 18th 2009

Sunday January 18th will bring us the third and most ambitious Bike Miami Days to date. Expect a new extended route venturing west on Flagler to Lummus Park along the Miami River. There will also be FREE bike rentals, bike valet, yoga on the Miami Riverfront, tours of the Miami Police stables, live music, plus much more.

This event is a great way to see areas of the city you may have never visited before. Invite your family & friends. One more thing.. it's FREE!

Events Schedule:

Activities at Lummus Park, 404 N.W. 3rd St

10:00 am: First Tour of Miami Police Stables, which will take place every hour, through 2 pm (don't be this guy)
10:30 am: Rally-Join City leaders, and Miami Residents to rally for bike and pedestrian friendly streets
11:00 am: Yoga on the Riverfront (Class will be until 12:30 pm)
1:30 pm: Bringing Books Alive presented by City Year a live action storytelling from the book The Rainbow Fish performed by City Year volunteers

Throughout the day:
• Bike clinics, Bike rentals (FREE), and Bike valets
• Miami River Environment & Health/Fitness Fairs

Activities at Mary Brickell Village, 901 South Miami Avenue

12:00 pm: Live music and entertainment

Throughout the day:
• Bike clinics and Bike valets

Activities in Downtown

Throughout the day:
• Live Entertainment and CafĂ© seating in the street at the corner of Flagler Street and Courthouse Lane
• Live Entertainment at the corner of Flagler Street and Se 2nd Ave
• Giveaways to guests at all open businesses along Flagler Street
• Tours of the historical Olympia Theatre at Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, 174 E. Flagler Street
• Bike Valets La Epoca Department Store, 200 E. Flagler Street

Street Closures:

The event will close the following streets for pedestrians, bicyclists and skaters beginning at 9:00 am:

Flagler Street from NW River Drive and 4th Street (Garcia’s and Casablanca Seafood Restaurant and Markets) to SW River Driver and SW 1st St,

Flagler Street from the Miami River to SE 3rd Avenue (La Epoca Department Store)

South Miami Avenue from 10th Street (Mary Brickell Village) to SE 4th Street and then north on 1st Ave to Flagler.


Ride the Rickenbacker : Video

The ride in Key Biscayne went very well. Lots of cyclists came out & the weather was great. It was nice to see so many people young and old having a good time. I'm a fan of the new "bike only" lane at the toll plaza, they say it's permanent and will only open it to motor vehicles in times of heavy traffic.


Loose Cannons : January 14th, 2009

This race is NOT starting from South Beach. Race starts 10pm at Revolution Bicycle Services in Coconut Grove (across from CocoWalk). Distance is about 6 miles total.

Revolution Bicycle Services
3444 Main HWY
Miami, Fl. 33133

Get directions to Revolution Bicycle Services here.


Bike Polo for Dummies (Holiday Park)

The lovely Jen Whalen created this VJ style news report for VJIAM.tv about bicycle polo in Ft. Lauderdale.

Bike Polo is every Tuesday & Thursday @ 8pm

Holiday Park (Roller Hockey Rink)
1300 East Sunrise Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304

Get directions here.


Loose Cannons Race : One Year Later

January 2009 marks the 1 year anniversary of the Loose Cannons Bike Race. For those not familiar, Loose Cannons is the brainchild of Joel Meinholz of IAmYourVillain (Chocolate Sundays @ Purdy). He initially started the race to get people out together on bicycles and open up the cycling community. The race starts at different locations but always ends at PS14 where Joel hosts a party. The winner receives a $50 bar tab & participants usually get free t-shirts, stickers, etc. courtesy of MIA Skate Shop. PS14 also offers $1 beers to cyclists from 10-12am on bike race nights and they have $5 all you can eat BBQ out back. The race has come a long way since it's inception. What started out as just a few friends has become something much bigger. The most recent races boast 50+ racers. The race was initially held on the first Wednesday of the month, but that has changed in recent months due to scheduling conflicts.

This is a video from the first Loose Cannons, you would never think this took place in Miami judging by everyone's attire. The video has a somber feel to, almost innocent. It captures the night's event without showing much race footage. I wish someone would come film more of our races in this fashion. Subtle music, good editing, etc.

video courtesy of The Killa Tapes

Unfortunately for me I missed the first Loose Cannons. I was in a broken down van in Ashburn, GA w/ Jacuzzi Boys while this race was taking place. It was freezing in Georgia & while watching the news in the motel it reported S. Florida was getting one of it's coldest nights in many years. A major cold snap had rolled through, 35°F degrees. That's cold for us Miami folk.

I recall calling my friend James that night and asking him how the race went. Keep in mind these type of races were new to most of us and no one knew really what to expect. James informed me that he was the winner and that it was lots of fun & really cold, but claimed he was cheated out of the prize by someone on a BMX. I later found out my friend Barrett was the culprit, he had put his bike inside a car and obviously got to the finish line before anyone else, kinda funny in retrospect. I felt bad for James though, he won and was totally gaffled of his $50 bar tab prize. James would prove himself again though the following month (Feb) by getting first place and sharing his beer tab with all of us.

The February '08 race had lots more people than the inaugural event, mostly due to better promotion and a general growing interest in bike culture. No one really had any routes planned, basically everyone dashed up Washington Ave to 17th st then west onto Venetian. The first 30 seconds of the race were very scary, it was my first Loose Cannons and halfway up Washington Ave I told myself "you know.. maybe this isn't a really good idea". The first few races actually had check points where we would have to drink a can of Colt 45 at a halfway stop. I remember a vehicle was parked on the side of the road giving everyone beers. I then told myself "yea.. this is a good idea", a few seconds later as I'm riding and beer is trying to spurt out my nose "nope.. bad idea". I kinda wish the checkpoints were reintroduced into the races though, they kept the party/wild vibe going which was the initial agenda of these races, but I realize it's a bad idea from a safety/liability point of view and makes it more difficult to organize. Oh well, you can always wait till the race is over & drink at PS14. Bikes, beers & BBQ... that is Loose Cannons.

I'm not going to write a month by month recollection of Loose Cannons, just wanted to blurb about the first race & the second since it was my first experience. Here's to another year of fun races.

Next Loose Cannons is supposed to be January 14th, 2008. No details yet on starting location, stay tuned.


Stolen Bike Alert

My friend Lukas's Cinelli Vigorelli was stolen from outside his house next to South Miami Sr. High. It has alloy drop bars with no handlebarbar tape. Black RPM cranks. If anyone spots this bike or has any information on it's whereabouts contact Lukas @ (786) 473-6416



December Critical Mass : Video (Part 3 of 3)

Part 1 : Downtown Miami

Part 2 : Edgewater/Wynwood/Allapattah

Part 3 : NW 27th Ave/Little Havana/Downtown Miami

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