S. Florida : Call To Cranks (Ft. Lauderdale)

Jared over @ Heart Of Gold clothing is hosting this Alley Cat/Bike Polo Tournament/Velodrome BBQ 3-day extravaganza. Finally, somebody seems to be doing things right.

The events take place over Memorial weekend in Ft. Lauderdale. Should be lots of fun and I encourage all to come out. More details to follow.

Here's a list of the sponsors.


March Critical Mass : Video

The March Miami Critical Mass went very well and was a great cap off to "Bicycle Action Month". Approximately 60 cyclists showed up & joined in on the ride. We traversed north on Biscayne Blvd briefly passing through the gridlock caused by Ultrafest & continued up to Miami Shores. We then headed back south via NE 2nd Avenue to 14th Street, which according to Miami's bicycle coordinator Collin Worth, is supposed to get a bike lane sometime in the near future.

Total distance ridden was 14.1 miles. Here's a link to the route and a video from this month's ride.

Next month's Critical Mass ride will be on Friday, April 24th.

Note: Miami Lightning Sprints were an absolute bust for the 2nd month in a row. For those inquiring why the sprints did not happen the answer is quite simple, if there is an event going on at the convention center the race can not go on. The reason it cannot go on is due to the increase in pedestrian and motor-vehicle traffic when there's a show there. The organizers of the sprints informed me that they had checked the events calendar for the Miami Beach Convention Center and that no event was scheduled for Friday March 27th. Well, an event was scheduled, in fact two were taking place, ArteAmericas and the Home Design & Remodeling Show. I think the MBCC is an excellent location for us to utilize, unfortunately so does everybody else who host shows there regularly. A relocation is in order, the idea of hosting it on the South Miami-Dade Busway (East Kendall) has been tossed around. Traffic is minimal there at night and the bus shelters can be used as seating. If anyone has any suggestions leave a comment.


Lebo Bike Rack @ Peacock Park

I stopped by Peacock Park in Coconut Grove this afternoon to check out the new bike rack unveiled yesterday by local artist David "Lebo" LeBatard. I rode my bike up & down McFarlane a few times trying to find this bike rack assuming it was going to be near the sidewalk and adjacent to the street. Needless to say I couldn't find it. I then rode my bike through the grass and saw a small cement wall at a distance near the skatepark. I supposed that could not possibly be the bike rack so I kept searching to no avail. I then asked a gentleman who appeared to work at the park if he could lead me to the bike rack that was made public yesterday. He pointed towards the back of the park and said "it was done by the artist Lebo, it's just a block of cement". I was like "you're kidding right, that wall back there is the bike rack?". "Yes" he exclaimed and went into his office. I went over to the "bike rack" to examine it and take a few pictures.

Upon first glance it appears that up to 8 bicycles can be locked up at a time. Supposedly the wall was going to accommodate a bench, hence the empty space. If the bench will not go up in the future then may I recommend the addition of extra horizontal U-shaped racks to the wall so it could quarter more bicycles. The space is already wasted with an empty wall, might as well make better use of it.

In these photos below I demonstrate the best way to protect your bike using a U-lock to this style of rack. You don't really have many options. By locking the rear rim & tire (inside triangle of frame) a thief cannot remove the back wheel or steal the bicycle. If you're using a larger U-lock you may get the rear wheel & seat tube. The front wheel is still subject to theft but a cable in conjunction with a U-lock can help prevent that. You can also secure a seat post using a cable.

Being that this bike rack is inside a park I wasn't hypercritical about it. If this was near the street/sidewalk I would publicly scorn it based on its misuse of space & lack of bicycle support. However, I think it's a good asset to those using the park. Whether you're there for a picnic, to play basketball or to use the skate ramps, enjoy.


Loose Cannons : Update

Participants will receive free issues of COG & Red Stripe beer (while supplies last).

The winner of the race will receive the COG hardcover book, a special prize courtesy of Keirin Cycles & a $50 bar tab at PS14.

Once again..

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
Sweat Records to PS14


Lake Worth Alleycat : April 18th, 2009

Met the guy promoting this race outside Churchills last night after Critical Mass. Here's some constructive criticism, if you're going to print fliers, try getting at least 4 small fliers out of an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. It's a waste of paper and not many people wish to carry around "letter" size fliers. 4.25"x5.5" is easier to carry folded in a pocket and better on the environment.

Oh yea, for those wondering.. the "Spring Break '08" is supposed to be some kind of inside joke.

Fixed Fight 3 is taking place in St. Petersburg on the same day.


This Friday!

Miami Lightning Sprints will be held in association with the Miami Critical Mass ride. This will work out well since a lot of you will already be riding around with Critical Mass that evening. Also, it's daylight saving time so there'll still be some sunlight during the ride. A great way to end "Bicycle Action Month". Don't forget to bring your lights since we will be riding into the night.

Friday February 27th @ 6:30pm
Government Center
101 NW First St
Downtown Miami

Get directions to Government Center here

followed by..

Friday February 13th, 2009 (after Critical Mass)

Miami Beach Convention Center (outside Hall D)
1901 Convention Center Dr
Miami Beach

Get directions here.


Loose Cannons : April 1st, 2009

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
Sweat Records to PS14

This is a short race, about 3 miles.

Winner gets a $50 bar tab & a prize courtesy of Keirin Cycles.

Get directions here.


Cycling Out Crime!

Apparently cyclists are keeping criminals out of Downtown Miami. Thanks Bike Miami Days! Watch the video over @ WPLG Local 10 News.

Although this was a positive report, I can't help but find it pathetic how a family event like Bike Miami only gets media coverage when they put a crime spin on it. I know that the bulk of tv news is riddled with fear & crime, but every once in a while can they just report something 100% positive?

"Bring in the cyclists and kick out those criminals"


MS 150 Bike Ride : May 2nd & 3rd, 2009

Come support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on May 2nd & 3rd, 2009

About the ride:

The ride starts at the BankUnited Center in UM (Coral Gables) and goes to Key Largo then back the following day.

150 miles over 2 days.

$40 to register & you must raise a minimum of $300

All riders MUST attend one of the scheduled Packet Pick Ups to receive your Rider Packet, which includes your bib number, bike number, helmet number, 2 luggage tags, meal wristband, twist ties (to attach bike number) and safety pins (to attach bib number). You will also receive your rider goodie bag and rider t-shirt.

All participants MUST turn in the minimum pledge of $300 prior to picking up their rider packet and participating event weekend.

There will be no walk-on/day-of registration.

Cyclists must be 18 years or older to ride.

The folks over at Keirin Cycles formed a BIKE MS team consisting mostly of fixed-gear riders. If you wish to join their team or make a donation you may do so here.


Bike Miami Days : Saturday March 14th, 2009

The monthly Bike Miami Days event is being held this Saturday, March 14th from 9am-3pm.

They seem to be doing a better job at promoting the event as I've noticed a few bus shelter ads throughout the city of Miami.

FREE bike rentals will be available for those without a bicycle and bike technicians from Sun Cycling will hold a free 'fix-a-flat' bike clinic. All are encouraged to come out to this great family event which promotes bicycling and the city's "green" initiatives.

A heads up.. next month Bike Miami Days will be in Coconut Grove (April 26th). Not sure if they will extend the route from downtown Miami or just keep it in the Coconut Grove area, probably the latter.


Brian Piccolo Velodrome Race Schedule

Fastest Mile Time Trial
March 7th, 2009
7:30pm - 9:00pm

A one-mile bike race at the Brian Piccolo Velodrome, in connection with Bicycle Month 2009. Call 954-437-2626 for fees and further information.

More info here.


Loose Cannons : Video

Loose Cannons was fun last night with about 30 cyclists showing up. The race started at the SoFLo house on Grand Ave in Coconut Grove. The SoFLo crew were great host, they provided riders with water & had a pump on hand for those low on air. This is the first Loose Cannons in which I was able to get video of the actual race. Obviously the footage is very shaky in parts due to the bumpy roads & dim because it was very dark in some areas. The race was an estimated 6.3 miles and took about 16-30min depending on speed to complete. A few riders taking the NE 1st route slowed down a bit due to the gridlock caused by the Miami Heat game. Thanks to PS14 for having $1 Red Stripes on deck and for always being amiable towards cyclists. Congrats to Alex Fix on the win, no surprise there.

Pardon the twitchy quality of video & varying sound levels on soundtrack.

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