Weekend Photos

Here's a few photos from some of the events which took place this weekend.

4/10 - Miami Beach Community Ride


4/10 - Emerge Miami / Save the Arboretum Bike Ride


4/10 - Homicide investigation during Wynwood Art Walk.
Notice the roll of yellow caution tape on the handlebars, eerie.


4/11 - 2010 Nautica South Beach Triathlon
Photo by Slip


4/11 - Sunrise Classic Criterium
Photos by Erica Elliott Baker
More great photos of the crit available here and here.


4/11 - Team Keirin MS Donation Drive



  1. There was a triathlon in Miami Beach as well on Ocean Drive and 5th on Sunday morning - here is a shot of Pro Triathlete Cris Lieto I was able to get.


  2. thanks Slip, it that guy barefoot in photo? shoes appear to be clipped into pedals, but his foot is not in the shoes

  3. Good attention to detail Rydel - He was just finishing the Bike portion of the race and was about to get to the "Bike Dismount" area - where they have to get off the bike and run to the transition area. To save every precious second in the race, triathletes will ride the last few hundred meters barefoot so when they dismount, they are ready to run with their bike to the transition area without stopping to unstrap themselves from the bike - Thank you for putting the pic on the front page!! See you at the next Critical Mass Event ! =)


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