Bicycle Weekend Guide January 29-31

There's a whole lot of cycling events taking place this weekend. I can't recall the last time so much was going on. There's something for everyone: community rides, cyclocross, velodrome, pub crawl, criterium, bike show & swap meet, etc. No excuses to stay home and say there's nothing to do.

Start of the weekend with the first Miami Critical Mass ride of 2010 followed by the MIA Fixed 1-yr Anniv Party. Below is a list of all the events, I'm sure I probably left something out.

Friday, January 29th

Miami Critical Mass

MIA Fixed 1-yr Anniv Party
9:00pm (after Critical Mass)

Saturday, January 30th

Bike Miami Rides

Search & Destroy II : Miami Beach Bicycle Pub Crawl

Winter Series Track Fest

Sunday, January 31st

Tropical Cyclocross

Miami Masters Rosewood Winter Series

Vintage Bicycle Show & Swap Meet

FTL Monthly Ride


Loose Cannons : February 4th, 2010

Thursday, February 4th 2010

Keirin Cycles
235 A 9th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139

This race is 7 miles.

Winner gets $50 bar tab.
$2 beers for all cyclists.

Prize will be split between 1st road bike & 1st fixed gear bike. If overall 1st is fixed gear they win full $50 bar tab.

*Lights & helmets encouraged.


Vintage Bicycle Show & Swap Meet

Mack Cycles in conjunction with VolksBlast bring you the Vintage Bicycle Show.

Sunday January 31st, 2010

This is a free event. Come check out some beautiful cars and bicycles.

Sunset Drive & US-1 ( about 1 block east of Mack Cycles)
Get directions here.


1st Annual Blessing of The Bikes

Saturday February 6th, 2010
7:30am Sharp!

Saint Mark Catholic Church
5601 South Flamingo Road
Southwest Ranches, FL 33330

"The event was put together by members of the South Florida cycling community for all bike riders, regardless of age, gender, bike and faith. Our friend at Saint Mark Catholic Church, Rev. Cesar Peña will say a few kind words and then sprinkle our bikes with holy water.

There will be a moment of silence to remember those cyclists WHO LOST their lives in the past and this year, it will be a chance for all of the riders to turn their bike’s cranks backwards or ring their bicycle bells in celebration of cycling. Due to the tragic event in Haiti a Hat (helmet) will be passed around to raise donations for the victims of the earthquake. Riders will be asked to donate in cash the equivalent of whatever they spent on a rest stop while riding. For example a Gatorade + granola bar.

After the short ceremony a “Ghost Bike” will be placed later around the intersection between Glades and route 84 in memory of Leon Hamer killed last year on a bike accident"


MIA Fixed Turns One!

MIA Fixed is 1-year old today. With over 600 registered members, 1350 discussions, and arguably becoming the craigslist for fixed-gear bikes in S. Florida (for sale/rants & raves/missed connections), the forum has quickly become a staple in our urban cycling community.

If you're looking for tips on a conversion, photos of nude girls on bicycles, ratio comparisons, buying/selling or trading cycling goods, answers to your dumb questions, videos & photos that make you say WTF, report a bike stolen, inside jokes, gay innuendo, and irrelevant drunken ramblings, then MIA Fixed might be the place for you.

As critical as I may be of it, MIA Fixed has actually been a useful resource for S. Florida cyclists throughout the past year. A lot of knowledge has been spread, rides/events coordinated, and many friendships born via the forum. Here's to many more.

The one image that sums up MIA Fixed.

My thoughts exactly.


Christophe Le Canne Memorial Ride : Videos

Here's a short video from yesterday's Memorial Ride. At the very end of the video you can see for yourself why cyclists are constantly up in arms about motorists. Dear # 04193, you should not be allowed to drive that vehicle. Those cyclist should not have to ride in the gutter to avoid you when there's not another bus stop for 1-block and traffic is almost at a standstill. Please note: the 18-wheeler a few cars behind the culprit had no trouble staying on the road and off the multi-use recreation lane.

Here's a cool time lapse video courtesy of Mike Marshall

Video by Jesse Hearndon who came all the way from WPB

Video courtesy of MrSunshine561

Andrew Heitner has posted several video clips on YouTube.


Christophe Le Canne Memorial Ride : Photos

An estimated 2500 cyclists along with friends and family of Le Canne attended the memorial ride this morning. Never in my life have I seen so many people on bicycles, unfortunately it was under these circumstances. Most attendees claim it was the largest turnout of cyclists at any S. Florida event thus far. The ride was safe and went without incident. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed support.

"The journey is the thing!" - Christophe Le Canne / Homer

If you have photos from the ride you are encouraged to add them to the Facebook event page. There's already over 200 photos up.

Memorial Ride in the news:

CBS4 (video)
Miami Herald
Miami New Times


Memorial Sign for Christophe Le Canne

A memorial sign was placed today on the Bear Cut Bridge for Christophe Le Canne. A thoughtful gesture by the Public Works Department. Let's ask Miami-Dade County along with FDOT and the City of Miami to further the gesture by making the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Police can start by enforcing the "3ft Passing Law".

Hope to see all South Florida cyclists out on Key Biscayne at 9am Sunday morning for the Memorial Ride. Expecting at least 1000 participants. Strength in numbers, show them we care and please be respectful.

You are all being asked to ride safe & courteous. This is not a fast ride or a race. Police will be present and are working with organizers, they have asked us to obey all traffic laws.


Family & friends of Le Canne are asking those who wish to help to donate funds to Haiti Relief instead.

Make checks payable to:

American Red Cross
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, DC 20013

Notation on check:
AP 2885 – Haiti Relief – IMO Christophe Le Canne


Miami Police : Speed Enforcement on Rickenbacker

There was a heavy Miami Police presence at a speed trap on Hobie Beach Thursday (1/21) afternoon. Officers were first pulling over speeding vehicles exiting the Key, they then proceeded to the other side and began stopping incoming traffic exceeding the speed limit. I saw a handful of lead foot drivers being pulled over & ticketed, however I did witness a black/dark gray Porsche speed up the William Powell Bridge at an estimated 80mph while the police were in plain view just on the opposite side of the causeway.

This speed trap is a direct response due to the pressure being applied by cyclists and pedestrians alike who use the Rickenbacker Causeway and do not feel safe. The tragic death of Christophe Le Canne has really struck a nerve with the community and rightfully so. Demand change now because we don't know for how long we'll have their attention.

Let your commissioners and FDOT representatives know you're concerned and ask them what they are doing to make the roads safer.

I, personally call for a slower speed limit and/or actual enforcement of the present limit, wider bike lanes (particularly past the Seaquarium when heading into the village), and better signage. However, I object to a barrier wall as a few have suggested. A barrier wall is too costly & may in fact cause more injuries, no serious cyclist will feel comfortable riding in between two barriers. The thought of it alone makes me uneasy.

Here's a brief clip, sorry no actual footage of someone being pulled over.


Key Biscayne Memorial Ride

This is a very special ride dedicated to Christophe Le Canne, the 44-year-old cyclist and family man who was struck and killed by a motorist on Sunday morning.

All cyclists are to meet directly across the street from the Mast Academy School, along the beach access road. (Same meet up location as the '09 Ride Of Silence)

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

*The Miami Seaquarium has invited us to use their parking lot as a staging area for the 9am ride. They ask participants to use the main Marquee entrance to enter the parking lot and park as close to the causeway as possible.

Mast Academy / Rickenbacker Causeway
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Get directions here.

We will be stopping at the Bear Cut Bridge to pay tribute to the fallen cyclist. It would be very nice if flowers were brought by all. After the memorial we will ride into the Village of Key Biscayne and make a u-turn just before Bill Baggs State Park .

This ride is for everyone. Cyclists, pedestrians, roller skaters, etc. Anyone who uses the Rickenbacker Causeway for recreational purposes is encouraged to come. All are welcome.

Our condolences to the family & friends of Christophe Le Canne.

RSVP on Facebook


Cyclist Killed On Rickenbacker Causeway

A male cyclist was killed shortly after 8am this morning by the driver of a silver Volkswagen on the Bear Cut Bridge. The bicyclist was riding in the bike lane heading into Key Biscayne when a motorist fatally struck him and kept on going, witnesses outside La Carreta heard a loud sound and spotted a speeding vehicle dragging a blue Cannondale road bicycle while blowing through a red light about 2.5 miles from where the cyclist was struck. (see map below)

The driver, Carlos Bertonatti, was apprehended by police near his residence in Key Biscayne. A group of cyclists went to where the police were and saw him detained in the back of the squad car. Some witnesses at the scene are saying the driver appeared intoxicated and based on the fatal injuries to the cyclist and heavy damage to the motorist's vehicle it's apparent he was exceeding the speed limit.

Below is a photo of cyclists trying to help the victim, a photo of the damaged vehicle, and one of the wrecked bicycle after it was dislodged from underneath the vehicle.

Photos by Andre Quirino

An ambulance took approximately 20-22 minutes to arrive from when the initial 911 call was made at 8:04am. Police explained to the witnesses that Village of Key Biscayne Fire Rescue had no jurisdiction on the causeway. Dispatchers were deciding whether City of Miami or Miami-Dade would come while the cyclist laid there dying.

Key Biscayne is the most popular cycling route in Miami, cyclists are supposed to feel safe in this area yet tragedies like this occur. This is very unfortunate and sad. The problem concerning motorists driving while intoxicated, texting, talking on the phone and speeding needs to be better addressed in South Florida. All this makes me very upset.

My condolences to the family and friends of the cyclist.

[Update 1/18]
The victim has been identified as Christophe Le Canne, a 44-year-old cyclist and family man from South Miami.


Ride For Relief : Haiti

Sunday, January 17th @ 3pm

Government Center
101 NW First St
Downtown Miami

This benefit is being organized by Emerge Miami and the Saturday Critical Mass Meetup group.

"Ride to raise supplies for Haiti. The ride will start in Government Center and go through Little Haiti.

We will be riding through Little Haiti and going to Haitian markets and picking up non-perishable goods. Water, Canned food, medical supplies of your choice. We will be riding to Fire Station #9 and delivering it to the Miami Fire Department who will be bringing everything to a single drop off point.

We are not taking cash donations, if you want to donate cash go to Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders"

*If you cannot attend this ride please donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting HAITI to 90999 or donate $5 to Yéle Haiti by texting YELE to 501501.


Winter Series Track Cycle Fest

Brian Piccolo Park Velodrome
9501 Sheridan Street
Cooper City, FL 33024

Helmets are mandatory. Bicycle must be track bike or fixed gear with drop bars. No brakes allowed! You may rent a helmet and track bike if you don't have one.


Miami Cyclocross : Video

Here's a great video of the Miami Cyclocross at Oleta River Park State Park this past weekend. I didn't go to this race but heard it was very well organized and lots of fun from a few participants. While most cyclists tend to avoid riding in the cold and rain, it is ideal weather for cyclocross, the more miserable the better. If you missed this event and a wish to participate or simply be a spectator at cx you're in luck. Another race ( Tropical Cyclocross ) is being held at Fairchild Tropical Gardens on January 31st.

Miami CX - Web version (h.264/1080) from Tony Blazejack on Vimeo.


Keirin Cycles 1-Yr Anniv Party : Recap

An awesome time seemed to be had by all at the Keirin Cycles party yesterday. As to be expected there was good people, BBQ, beer, bikes & music. It was great to see a few folks riding their bikes in this unusual S. Florida weather and not being sissies about the cold.

Congratulations to Thomas & Nick at Keirin Cycles for being in business one year, I wish you many more to come.

PS Thank you Sambuca for the warm licorice vibes.


Bike Miami Rides : Cancelled

The Bike Miami Rides / TACOLCY Bike Club ride was cancelled this morning due to the weather. It has tentatively been rescheduled for January 30th. More details TBA.

This important news was not on the Bike Miami Days Twitter / Facebook. However I did receive a message from the Emerge Miami Meetup group at 7:20am.

The comment below was left by a displeased member on the Meetup Group event page, ironically enough this was the only group to send a cancellation message out.

"I went to the event regardless of the weather 10:00 am sharp and no one showed up! A notice of cancellation would of been very much appreciated." - Aaron

I guess not everyone in the group received the message.


Loose Cannons : Poker Run Photos

Long overdue photos from the Loose Cannons Poker Run held in early December 2009. Better late than never.

Photos by Joel Meinholz


Loose Cannons : Recap

Only 20 cyclists showed up to the Loose Cannons 2-year anniversary race from BRRRevolution Bicycles in Coconut Grove tonight. It's obvious Miami folk are scared of the cold.

The race started about 10 minutes behind schedule. I think people took long deciding what to wear, Rickshaw Shaun made a brief appearance in his Spider-Man suit. Fun race overall and not much traffic, I think even motorists stay home during chilly weather in S. Florida. It really wasn't that cold (52°F), but factor in the wind chill while riding a bicycle 25-32mph and it's no surprise your hands and feet go numb quickly. Breathing cold air and physical exertion become a whole other issue.

1st Brian
2nd Ariel
3rd Ferny (1st fixed)

Below are very few photos, the ones I took did not come out good. I'll post better ones as when I get them from Joel.


Adventure Cycling Gathering

Thursday, January 14th

Coral Gables Branch Library
3443 Segovia Street
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Adventure Cycling Association takes to the road and meets with bicyclists throughout the United States during these informal, discussion-oriented gatherings. Regional gatherings are free and open to the public.


Tropical Cyclocross

Sunday, January 31st 2010

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens
11935 Old Cutler Road
Miami, FL. 33156

Proposed course:

Lemans style start for all races.

Entry Fees: $25. Any additional race $10

More info available at Tropical Cyclocross.


Miami Critical Mass 2010 Calendar

Happy New Year!

Miami Bike Scene just made it even easier to remember Critical Mass is on the last Friday of every month. Ride safe in 2010 and beyond.

Download the 8.5" x 11" calendar here. Feel free to print & distribute throughout S. Florida.

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