Miami Critical Mass : Friday, December 25th

Friday, December 25th
6:30pm (ride starts at 7:15pm)

Government Center
150 NW First Street
Downtown Miami

The ride will be going through Little Havana, West Flagler, Coral Gables, Miracle Mile, Coral Way, Shenandoah, The Roads, Brickell, and Downtown. Total distance is approximately 13 miles.

All eyes appear to be on Miami Critical Mass and it’s time for participants to prove the opposition wrong. Everyone riding is solely responsible for their actions and should lead by example. If you see someone riding or behaving irresponsibly, then let them know it’s not acceptable. If you’re partaking in the ride, then it’s your duty to positively influence others. Ride safely and be courteous to everyone in the community, if you can’t do this then quite simply you are not welcomed. There’s no room for hostile, drunk, moronic individuals. There are a lot of great people on these rides, enjoying their city by bicycle for 1-2 hours on the last Friday of every month, and it’s rather unfortunate that a few bad apples can ruin this special occurrence for everyone else. To frustrated motorists, borrow a bicycle and try joining the ride sometime with some friends. You never know, you just may experience one of the most fun, free, and healthy social gatherings South Florida has to offer.

Bicycle Rules & Safety Tips

  • Stay in the right lane, and do not ride across middle line on the road into opposite travel lane
  • Yield to emergency vehicles.
  • No Headphones! While riding a bicycle it is illegal to wear a headset, headphone or other listening device, other than a hearing aid or instrument for the improvement of defective human hearing.
  • Safety Lights: Front & rear lights are required by law in the State of Florida. 
  • Kids under 16 years of age must wear helmets.
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk.
  • Passing: A passing cyclist is responsible for the safety of the cyclist that is being passed. When passing ring a bell and/or say "on your left".
  • Yield to pedestrians and buses.
  • No drinking of alcohol or illegal activity during ride.
  • Do not filter forward past stopped cars at a red light.
  • Skateboarders, inline skaters and recumbent bikes are welcomed, exercise caution.
  • Do not litter or vandalize any property.
  • Stopping: If you must stop to check your bike, phone, gear etc please move over to the sidewalk when it's clear. Do not stop abruptly in the middle of the street with the mass behind you. You will more than likely cause a cyclist to hit you and/or swerve and hit someone else.
  • Always perform an "ABC Quick" Bike Check to ensure that your bike is in safe working order.


MASH Miami Premier

Wednesday, December 16th

Bike Nerds
9538 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, FL 33138

"Those of you who know about MASH in San Fransisco, don't need an introduction. For those of you who don't, MASH is one of the main reasons you see so many aluminum track bikes on the road today. 

The project began 10 years ago by a group of riders and their cameras. The evolution of that includes having a gallery for their photography, the original cult classic MASH dvd, a full service bike shop, a collaboration with Cinelli that continues to this day, and on, and on. Check out their site @ Their latest project is their 10 year anniversary movie. They have toured the world screening it and now that it's been released to the public, well, we felt it was right to share it with you.  

There will be a group ride meeting up at 8pm at the Omni Metro Mover station, near downtown. They will take off at 8:30 sharp to ensure arriving on time. For more information on the ride check out: Wednesday Night Ride Miami #fyxd305 

The shop will be open at 8pm. We will press play at 9:30pm sharp. Space will be limited so show up early. Refreshments provided." - Bike Nerds

For more information check out the event page on Facebook.


Miami Beach Community Bike Ride

Saturday, December 12th

City of Miami Beach Government
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

"Join our community Bike Ride on Saturday, December 12. 

By biking with us we're contributes to the health, safety, environmental, transportation and quality of life for all of our community members. The ride will start and end at City Hall. Everyone is invited to attend this 4.7 mile ride, the ride will be police escorted.

Citi Bike will be offering a limited number of bikes for free on a first-come-first-serve basis."

More information can be found on Facebook event page.


#BikeBasel Tips & Advice

It's Miami Art Week and Art Basel (Dec 2-6) is upon us so expect heavy traffic in Miami Beach, Wynwood, Midtown, Little River, and the Design District for the next few days. Parking will also be a nightmare so it should come as no surprise that bicycling will be the quickest & most convenient way to get around our Magic City.

We encourage you not to drive, avoid gridlock and parking woes by riding your bicycle, but please do so safely.. #bikebasel

We've included a few basic tips below for those planning on riding to Art Basel events and/or any of the satellite fairs, and parties.

  • Don't have a bicycle? Try CitiBike.
  • If you're riding at night, you should absolutely have a red rear light and a front headlight. They help motorists and pedestrians alike see you on the road, and are required by law.
  • Be wary of drunk drivers, jay walkers, and tourists in search of parties. Don't forget we live in Florida where more than likely the driver of the vehicle will flee the scene if they strike a cyclist and/or pedestrian. 
  • Most motorists do not use turn signals, so pass with caution.
  • Don't forget to lock up your bike properly! There's no point in saving time by going on bike if you're going to be walking home sobbing sans steed. Use a high quality 11-18mm u-lock, do not use cable locks!
  • Avoid the railroad tracks on N. Miami Avenue and 19th Street. Cyclists are still being seriously injured at this railroad crossing on a regular basis. Check out Project Ouch! for more details.
  • Do not ride in the "door zone" and be alert of pedestrians jumping out of parked vehicles.
  • The Venetian Causeway is closed for construction, and the only alternatives to ride between mainland Miami and South Beach are the MacArthur (I-395) and Julia Tuttle (I-195). Ride on the bike lane/shoulder and use extreme caution when riding on these causeways. Motorists exceed speeds of 45mph.
  • Obey all bicycle laws.

Bicycle related events during Art Basel:

Use #bikebasel hashtag on any bicycle / art related photos posted throughout the week and they will be displayed on our feed.

For those who choose not to ride a bike, here are a few transit alternatives:


Coño Cat Alleycat

Saturday, December 5th

Magic City Bicycle Collective
1100 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33136



"The alleycat is going to be an Art Basel theme race; there are 7 checkpoints around the city each checkpoint being either public art, graffiti mural, or landmarks. Everyone will be required to log onto Instagram and add Paceline Urban Racing IG account or HASHTAG(#CONOCAT). Once on the Paceline|UrbanRacing page you will find the main manifest and the individual photos of the checkpoints with geotagged markers."

****FIRST TOP 10 RIDERS TO FINISH THE 7 CHECKPOINTS WILL ADVANCE TO FINAL CHECKPOINT#8*** (last checkpoint will be announced once you finish all 7 & return to MCBC). 

- Helmet
- Smartphone (Fully Charged)
- Instagram account

1) Follow Paceline Urban Racing on IG
2) Find manifest (finish checkpoints in ANY order)
3) Use the geotag on each photo to find the checkpoint
4) Post a photo of your bike or a selfie at each checkpoint
5) Hashtag #CONOCAT #PUR

More details on Facebook event page

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