Stolen Bike Alert

Both the bikes below were stolen from 15th/Washington Ave in South Beach today. E-mail Alex if you have any info.

Blue fixed gear conversion, X-large frame, yellow saddle, white risers, two rear wheel spoke cards.

Black carbon fiber Schwinn 14spd


City of Miami Bike Summit #1

Press release from Bike Miami Days:

"On Monday, June 15th, the City of Miami invites you to the first Miami Bike Summit at Jose Marti Community Center to discuss Miami’s Bicycle Master Plan. Meet city leaders, planners, cyclists and neighbors and learn about some of the ways Miami is becoming a more bicycle-friendly city.

From 6pm-9pm, learn about sharrows, the benefits of bicycle parking, and what a central bicycle facility might mean for the City of Miami. To get a better idea of what the City is already doing, you can read the Bicycle Action Plan or email the Bicycle Coordinator, Collin Worth, here.

Monday, June 15th.
Jose Marti Community Center (351 SW 4th St- Downtown Miami)

There will be maps of the city and markers so you can mark exactly where you think our city needs bike lanes, parking, signage… Note: this is the first of two public meetings that will take place to help guide the development of Miami’s Bicycle Master Plan. If you can’t make it, contact Collin Worth with your ideas and stay tuned for when they schedule the next one."


Loose Cannons : June 4th, 2009

This race is NOT starting from South Beach. Race starts 10pm at Revolution Bicycle Services in Coconut Grove (across from CocoWalk). Distance is about 9 miles total.

Revolution Bicycle Services
3444 Main HWY
Miami, FL 33133

Get directions to Revolution Bicycle Services here.


Call To Cranks Weekend : Recap + Video

The 1st annual South Florida Call To Cranks has come to an end. For the most part it was a great Memorial Day weekend, though the torrential downpours really put a damper on things at the velodrome on Monday .

Here's a a brief rundown of the weekends events..

Super Smash Up Alley Cart (Saturday 5/23)

75 registered racers with about 65 completing the race. The majority of the participants were from Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, St. Pete, & Tampa. I believe I was the sole rider from Miami, no surprise there. The alley cat began at 4pm from Holiday Park, it started raining right at the start. The race was 15 miles long, stretching just west of I-95 all the way east to Ft. Lauderdale Beach Blvd. An excellent tour of FTL in wet conditions with 10 checkpoints in total. The check points consisted of the following: stenciling a t-shirt at Blackbook Stencils, swallowing a little cup of ketchup, releasing all the air from your bikes tube and then pumping it back up , track standing, running in the wet sand at the beach, dizzy bat, and more. There were 5 bridge climbs, a fast descend through the New River Tunnel, a few railroad track crossings, semi-strong head winds on A1A & Las Olas, and ample rain. There were lots of flat tires & incidents early on in the race, thankfully everyone was for the most part okay. The race was very well organized and because of this it was very enjoyable and a success. Jared & Kelli really put a lot of effort into the check points, prizes, maps, etc.

The finish line was at Radio-Active Records where the awards ceremony was held, shortly followed by the South Florida premiere of Death Pedal.

Race Results:

1st Jeremy (Ft. Lauderdale)
2nd Dave (Ft. Lauderdale)
3rd Rydel (Miami)

Points Winner : Randon (Clearwater)
First Girl : Karly (Ft. Lauderdale)
Best Costume : Amanda McCleod (Boca Raton)

First place prize was a pair of Velocity B-43's courtesy of Keirin Cycles.

After the film premiere we then headed over to Jeremy's (Thriller Crew) for an after-party w/ a keg, fireworks & pizza! Most of us closed off the night/early morning at Poor House.

Bike Polo Tournament (Sunday 5/24)

I had a rough Saturday night/Sunday morning so I made it to the polo tournament very late, 6pm to be exact. Fortunately I was able to catch the final game. There were 10 polo teams in total throughout the day. The final polo game was between teams SRQ (Sarasota) and XXO (FTL). Congrats to Jared & his team (XXO) on the win. Final score 5-3.

The Quick & the Dead Sprints also took place at Holiday Park while the bike polo games were still going on. The races were almost finished before park security shut us down. I believe there were 3 races left to go. Taylor (Tampa), Dave (Ft. Lauderdale) & Anthony (Orlando) seemed to be in the finals.

Velodrome BBQ (Monday 5/25)

This unfortunately was rained out. Most cyclists were able to ride for about 2 hours before heavy rains ensued. The riders were able to squeeze in some Flying 200's before the track got wet. There was no BBQ and everyone went home damp.

Here's the Flying 200's results:

Dave 13:45
Max 13:95
Michael 14:47
Taylor 13:51
Richard 13:53
Jeremy 13:57
John 15:01
Bob 14:35
Mike 13:70
Devin 17:17
James 15:90
Richard G 14:93
Alex G 13:70
Mike C 15:84
Stephan ?
Erik 17:50
Carol D 17:78
Cathy 21:46
Wes 15:23

Overall it was an excellent weekend. The weather really could've been much worse, at least we had 2 out of 3 days without a terrible storm. And to my knowledge there were no major injuries throughout the weekend.

Thanks to Jared & Kelli @ Heart Of Gold for organizing this extravagant bicycle weekend. All the sponsors (see flyer) for their support. Ben & Mikey for the Death Pedal premiere, Headset Clothing, Jeremy for the hospitality, Steve at the velodrome for his help with the Flying 200's, and to anyone else who contributed to making this weekend awesome. It was great meeting everyone from the St. Pete/Tampa area.. Kyle, Corey, Wes, Lily, Bob (apologies for the misdirection), and a few others whose names I can't recall. See you again soon.

The video below captures some of the weekend's events. There is no actual footage from the alley act, it's mostly post-race crowd shots and gets a bit more interesting around the 4 minute mark.

Here's some links to photos from various people:

Lyndsey's photos
Kelli's photos
Cynthia's photos
Justin's photos
Lily's photos
Mikey's photos
66 Fixed photos
heatXmc's photos

Big Ed's videos from the velodrome 1,2,3,4


Ride Of Silence : Photos

Here's some panorama shots taken prior to the ride.
Photos by Charles Marten.


Ride Of Silence : Video

An estimated 250 cyclists showed up to the "Ride Of Silence" Wednesday evening in Key Biscayne. This was my first time attending the annual ride which aims to raise awareness to motorists, police and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways. The ride is also an opportunity to show respect to cyclists who have been killed or injured. A prayer was said before the ride started & the organizers explained the reason for the ride and how it was being held worldwide at 7pm.

The skies were partly cloudy though it did not rain during the ride which was most welcomed. I think even more cyclists would've showed up had the weather not been so poor all week, some folks may have been discouraged by the weather forecast. Overall the ride was a success and went without incident. Participants should thank the police, fire rescue, and all the volunteers for making this possible.

I considered making the video silent but opted not to since there wasn't complete silence during the actual ride, I apologize if that is offensive to any of you. You can either mute it or not watch it at all.


City of Miami Bicycle Master Plan Survey

All local cyclists are strongly encouraged to take the survey, your opinions are important.


Photos from Kidrobot/Loose Cannons May

Here's some photos from the FriendsWithYou "Get Luckies" Launch Party @ Kidrobot + Loose Cannons @ Keirin/The News on May 7th.

Photos by Frankie Galland.


Bike Miami Days May

I got nothing for you, but Daniel over at Slow Bike Miami does. Check out his review and photos of the event.

Bike Miami Days will be on hiatus until October due to the rainy months of summer. The team is planning another monthly event dubbed “Bike Miami Rides" but that has yet come to fruition. Subscribe to their blog for updates.

Photo by Kurt


Miami Critical Mass : May 29th

Friday, May 29th @ 6:30pm
Government Center
101 NW First St
Downtown Miami

Get directions to Government Center here.

Participants are to keep a moderate pace, it's very important that the group stays together. It makes corking easier and the ride much smoother for everyone involved (cyclists/motorists/pedestrians). Also, make sure to arrive on schedule, that's 6:30pm. Bring bicycle lights!

Below is a tutorial for corking. Only experienced cyclists should volunteer to cork.


Street Sharks Bike Race : Le Mans Start Video

Here's a short clip from the Le Mans start @ the Street Sharks Bike Race Saturday afternoon. Very few people showed up to this alley cat, a real shame since it was a lot of fun. The route was short, just shy of eight miles and had some interesting check points, five in total.

The check points consisted of the following: filling out a bike related questionnaire at the downtown library, riding up several levels in a parking garage building on Brickell, tossing bicycles in front of Bicentennial Park, and riding through a mini-cyclocross course in Midtown. The finish line was at Goo in Little Haiti.

It was very difficult to find the parking garage, I wasted a few valuable minutes outside it just trying to figure out how to enter the garage, fortunately for me that didn't matter since all but two riders were stuck at the Brickell Avenue drawbridge. This gave everyone remaining an equal opportunity since we were all stopped awaiting for the bridge gates to go up.

There was a surprise check point where we were instructed to "prepare to be Gnaralaited". Apparently "Gnaralaited" means riding through a brief obstacle course in an alley while getting pelted with wet newspapers, water balloons, and hosed by a mob of crust punks, then having to chug a can of cheap beer.

Thanks to Jerry & Kevin @ Firefly for putting this race on. Also thanks to these local bikes shops for supporting the race: Keirin, Broken Spoke, Fritz's, and Scoot, Skate & Bike Co.


Death Pedal Premiere : Ft. Lauderdale

Death Pedal premiere as part of the South Florida Call To Cranks : Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 23rd 8pm
After the Super Smash Up Alley Cart

Radio-Active Records
1930 E Sunrise Blvd # B
Fort Lauderdale, FL
(954) 762-9488



OpenSprints @ Keirin Cycles : Video

After the Macaframa screening last night the long-awaited OpenSprints took place, a first in South Florida for both events. Everyone was really excited and enthusiastic about the roller races. It was nice witnessing participants & spectators alike enjoying themselves. The night consisted of bikes, FREE pizza, Macaframa, beer & awesome people. What more could you ask for? Some folks got really into this as if it were a cockfight and they had money on the line. What made the event really unique is that it was held in public, right in front of the bicycle shop. Pedestrians, people driving by, and the patrons at the hostel across the street all seemed intrigued by the spectacle. It was definitely a head turning affair. There was a $5 fee to race and the winner took the purse.

James from Broward was the cash prize winner, congratulations to him and to all those who participated.

Everyone in attendance should be grateful to Thomas & Nick @ Keirin Cycles + Ian for the technical support. This event wouldn't be possible without them. For those of you who missed out, there's always next month.


Bike To Work Day : Friday May 15

"Since 1956, May has been recognized as National Bike Month. The third week in May is designated Bike to Work Week; and the third friday of May is Bike to Work Day." However, in Florida we have been recognizing Bike Month in March, I'm guessing due to warmer weather in May. News flash Floridians, it's hot here, and while the city holds bicycle block parties and parades only to abandon them in the summer due to temperature (though the raining season can hinder events), I can't help but wonder how one of the few states where cyclists can ride their bicycles year-round succumbs to this.

On a slightly related note. What commuting alternatives are cyclists taking since the closing of the east bridge on the Venetian Causeway? How have you been getting to and from work between Miami Beach and the mainland? I ask because, to my knowledge; the city, county & FDOT have done absolutely nothing in regards to this. After numerous phone calls, e-mails, etc it all came down to the same thing, one department pointing fingers at another.

Well.. here's a finger right back at you. Thanks for nothing.

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´


South Pointe Park

This very short clip was made with some post-MacCarthur ride footage from last week. I decided to use it because it shows the park in a different ambiance. Most images of South Pointe Park are taken during the day. However, I think it's equally alluring during the night.


OpenSprints @ Keirin Cycles : Thursday, May 14th

After 3 months of patiently waiting, OpenSprints are finally up & running. The software has been tested & is fully operational (see pic). Spectators are welcome to this event. Bring your own refreshments & snacks. $5 to race. Cash prizes.

Thursday, May 14th 8pm
Keirin Cycles
235 A 9th St
Miami Beach

A MacCarthur ride similar to the one held last week will be leaving Government Center @ 7:30pm.

Prior to the OpenSprints there will be a screening of the eagerly awaited Macaframa film.


Bike Miami Days : Sunday, May 17th


BMX Roof Session @ Marine Stadium

I saw this over at Atmosphere Bikes, thought I'd share.


Ride of Silence : Wednesday, May 20th

"The Ride Of Silence is a free ride that asks its cyclists to ride no faster than 12 mph and remain silent during the ride. There is no brochure, no sponsors and no registration fees. The ride, which is held during Bike Safety month, aims to raise the awareness of motorists, police and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways. The ride is also a chance to show respect for those who have been killed or injured."

The cyclists are to meet directly across the street from the Mast Academy School, along the beach access road. 12 miles at 12 miles per hour. Helmets required.

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
6:45pm - 8:00pm
3979 Rickenbacker Causeway
Key Biscayne, FL

Get directions here.


FriendsWithYou MacCarthur Ride : Video

Only 16 people showed up for this ride, I can't say I was surprised as I wasn't expecting many due to the timing conflict with Loose Cannons (3-hr gap) & the lack of interest shown on the forum. It was a cool ride nonetheless, a bit over 5 miles with not too much wind. Motor-vehicles for the most part were going really fast on the i-395. It's not as bad as people make it seem but definitely not for the faint of heart, the shoulder disappears a few times & there's glass/debris all along the side of the road. The folks from FriendsWithYou presented a gift package to one of the riders, that was very nice of them. Most of us never stepped foot inside Kidrobot, the line was kinda intense as can be seen in the video. We all rode to South Pointe Park after and grabbed a bite to eat before heading over to Keirin Cycles for Loose Cannons.

Don't forget to check out the Loose Cannons video from later that evening!


Loose Cannons : Video

Last night was the first ever Loose Cannons on a Thursday. If you recall I mentioned last month that the rides were to no longer be held on Wednesday nights. The race started at Keirin Cycles and went to The News Lounge. This was an interesting event due to the closure of the Venetian Causeway (the safest & most popular route from the beach to the mainland). Participants had to choose between the MacCarthur Causeway (i-395) or Julia Tuttle (i-195). The race was a bit over 7 miles with the fastest group (see video) completing in approximately 18 minutes & 25 seconds.

A Flip Mino camcorder was attached to my handlebars so I was able to ride without a camera in my hand which was most convenient. Unfortunately the bumpy ride & poor lighting resulted in piss-poor footage. I prefer my Canon SD1100 over the Flip Mino, I don't like video in widescreen and the footage became blurry/shaky with the slightest movement. The race footage was captured from start to finish, this is the first video I've recorded in this fashion. I don't plan on boring anyone with a 20 minute video so I fast forwarded the first 6 miles of the race, it switches to regular speed at the 4:56 mark. That's where I join up with the pack leaders who took the i-195 route.

The video may make you dizzy & cause your brain to hurt. If it becomes unbearable, close your eyes & just enjoy the tunes, though the music may also hurt your ears. The angriest soundtrack thus far. Forward to 4:56 if you can't deal with the sped up edit.

The winners:
1. Alex Fix
2. Eric Z
3. Dave (almost took me out with that skid @ the 7:04 mark)


Macaframa Screening May 14th!

Macaframa Screening

Thursday, May 14th
8pm @ Keirin Cycles
235 A 9th St
Miami Beach

Followed by race to Shiso


Bike Miami Days : Mack Cycle & Fitness Raffle

Mack Cycle & Fitness will be raffling off some bike swag targeted towards the "fixed-gear" demographic for the upcoming Bike Miami Days on May 17th. The raffle is FREE. All you have to do is be at the rally at 11am (steps of the courthouse) and pick up a ticket.

Here's a list of the great prizes:

2009 Schwinn Madison (size M) $630 value
Weinmann DP18 Green Wheelset $240 value
"ONE LESS CAR" Specialized T-Shirts (size L) $20 value (10 available)


Kidrobot MacCarthur Ride : Thursday May 7th

Riders are encouraged to meet at Government Center at 6:30pm. Ride leaves at 7:00pm sharp! All are welcome.

The ride will take the group east over the MacCarthur Causeway (i-395) to Kidrobot (South Beach). There, the FriendsWithYou "Get Luckies" Launch Party + Art Show will be taking place. There'll be raffling off a promo package courtesy of FriendsWithYou to one lucky winner who participated in the bicycle ride. This is a pre Loose Cannons affair.

The Venetian Causeway is scheduled to be closed so this would be an ideal opportunity for a group ride across the MacCarthur. Once the "Get Luckies" party is over we will go to Keirin Cycles which is just 3 blocks away for the Loose Cannons race which will begin at 10pm. The race will head west via i-395 (MacCarthur) to The News Lounge (55th NE 4th Ct).


Awesome New Republic : Magic City

No, Miami Bike Scene has not become a music blog. Just thought I'd share this catchy tune from local duo Awesome New Republic. I recently caught their performance at Bike Miami Days in Coconut Grove. They played a great set & covered quite a few songs including some by MGMT, Prince, Michael Jackson, and more which I can't recall. They played an original which was introduced as "a song about riding bike in Miami", now do you see the correlation? I thought it was cool & wished to share it with you-all. If you like the song go let the band know on their Facebook or Myspace.

Listen to the song below:

You can download their new release Rational Geographic Volume 1 at their website for FREE. They'll be playing @ Vagabond tonight, no cover before 11pm. $1 Stella & PBR before midnight.

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